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    Mitch McConnel is a turd floating in Lindsay Graham’s toilet bowl….

    20 years…two trillion dollars…

  2. I keep looking for the tube I’m sure pumps preservative into McConnell. The must be a musty smell about him.

  3. Nobody’s saluting anymore, Bitch. The ol’ flag-wavin’ ‘n’ saber-rattlin’ ploy is as hoary as you are.

  4. They will be bringing 300,000 Afgans with them. Invade em invite em. Enjoy your empire. But the question arises, what would Quantrill do?

  5. The embarrassment was going there in the first place then dicking around for 20 years pretending they were going to teach little Afghan girls to be astronauts or whatever.

    • Any comment yet from Bush-43 or Cheney? 2 trillion dollars and so much pointless death and suffering. If either man had any honor he would commit sepuku.

  6. It’s a handover to China not a withdrawal. Same Jews on both sides of this. Americans get fucked again by Shlomo.

  7. Mitch McChinkfucker is a global embarrassment. The only thing the Taliban did that I condemn was blowing up those ancient Budda statues in Bamiyan.

    • Might have been CIA/Mossad too. Shlomo likes to blow up religious monuments, churches etc. Bet there are Shlomo fingerprints all over the Notre Dame fire. The Talmud was published and displayed there 400 or so years ago and Shlomo never forgot. They don’t want goyim reading that.

  8. Bitch Mcturtle can shut his stupid bitch mouth! Cuckservatives like him make me absolutely sick What a piece of shit! Out of all the things to be pissed about this year the iraq withdrawal doesn’t even register as a issue for 98 percent of most people

    A literal shabbos buttgoy golem shit puppet

  9. I hate to say it but Biden’s handlers were write when they wrote the teleprompt for him to say that staying another year won’t change anything. Afghanistan is going to be Afghanistan in the end.

  10. McConnell and other conservatives’ protests against the “withdrawal” serve a purpose by making it seem as if there really is a withdrawal.

    The U.S. is NOT withdrawing from Afghanistan. It has clearly stated it intends to rely even more now on OHC – over the horizon capacity – launching even more missiles, bombing runs and drone strikes at long range from airbases and ships stationed in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. The puppet “legitimate” government in Kabul will be protected to give “legitimacy” to continued violation of Afghan sovereignty. At least 20,000 U.S.-employed private contractors (death squad mercenaries, saboteurs and spies) remain active on the ground in Afghanistan, plus all the special forces, CIA agents and foreign proxies – all working to create mayhem and perpetuate chaos, until one day the people of Afghanistan finally give up and submit completely to “our” rule (“freedom and democracy”) – be sure, the Empire is very rich and powerful, and will not allow a victim to escape.

  11. One faction wants to make war with the entire world: Neo-conservatives
    Where another faction wants to invite the entire world in: Liberals

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