Poll: Confederate Monuments Remain More Popular Than Republicans

Is the Lost Cause a hopeless cause?

Morning Consult:

“As was the case in the June 2020 poll, the latest survey found Republicans were more united on the issue than Democrats: While 54 percent of Democrats say the statues should be taken down, 83 percent of GOP voters voiced the opposite opinion. What’s more, Republicans were even more likely to hold that view than they were nearly four years ago, when 75 percent said they should remain standing.

Similarly, Republicans are increasingly likely to believe that the Confederate flag is more of a symbol of Southern pride than a harbinger of racism: 77 percent of GOP voters said they see it more as the former in the new poll, up from 70 percent who said the same last year and in a 2015 poll.

Nearly half of all voters (47 percent) said they saw the flag as a symbol of Southern pride rather than one of racism (36 percent). …”

This is an interesting result.

Confederate monuments remain more popular than the Republican Party. In spite of what you may have heard about America’s racial reckoning, public opinion hasn’t shifted on the issue and only 30% of voters want to erase Confederate symbols and monuments from the public square. Republican voters have become even more supportive of Confederate monuments.

Note: These woke mobs and cities like Charlottesville may have toppled some of our monuments, but it has come at the price of ripping the social fabric asunder. It might even be worth it in the end.

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  1. @ the monuments are a testament, to the heroism of our forbears, but we who are alive today, are a even greater testament, to our hero’s, for their blood, flows thru our veins, even now today, we are the olde Confederacy and we are the new Confederacy, we are a nation and ever since our forbears, braved that perilous journey across the sea and conquered this land, that our heavenly father has led us too, we have been a nation and god willing we will remain so, let us honor our heavenly father and our forbears, by the way we live our lives, our lord is always with us.

  2. By the way, where do they put all of these removed monuments? Are they destroyed, or does some wealthy philanthropist buy them?

    • Most will be stored. Whatever their display status there is no way that they are not listed artifacts.

  3. Those men that were illegally taken down had more conviction, morals, and integrity than all the GOP combined. As Pilot said above, they actually stood for something.

  4. There is no salvation in the Republican Party. They couldn’t even conserve marriage, an ancient social institution predating Christianity. Their other failures are too numerous to mention.

    When Mitt Romney (R) was governor of Massachusetts the state supreme court, in violation of the state constitution used a pending case to make homo “marriage” legal. The Governor, under the state constitution had the legal authority to abrogate the court’s decision which would have put the question before the legislature. The legislature would have refused to take up the issue rendering the state supreme court decision null and void.

    Mitt (R) did nothing and the corrupt state supreme court ruling became law setting an evil precedent. Anti-homo “marriage” groups tried to put a binding referendum on the next ballot to overturn the court’s decision but the corrupt state legislature voted not to allow the question on the ballot.

    Mitt Romney (R) remained silent the whole time when his voice could have been decisive. Opinion polling showed about 75% of voters would have voted against gay “marriage” thus the gay “marriage” types couldn’t allow the public to vote.

    Mitt (R) is a great Republican, the epitome of the Republican Party, he believes in nothing but business/money. Mitt was biding his time, waiting for the 2012 election when he knew he would beat BHO. DJT was correct, Mitt (R) choked when he lost the election. Ironically, had Mitt (R) done the right thing and quashed gay “marriage” he probably would have won the 2012 election.

    Mitt (R), like the rest of the Republican Party doesn’t have the right thing in him.

  5. I have never been comfortable with those giant graven images. Felt this way 50 years ago when I first saw Monument Avenue in Richmond. Still feel that way about this continuation of ancient pagan practices.

    Many times I visited Robert Lee’s pew in the Episcopalian Church in Richmond, and was always deeply moved. It’s been 20 years since I was there, and his pew is surely no longer preserved.

    I’ve seen about all of the battlefields. I hope people will go there, and see it with their own eyes, ignoring the idiot tour guided

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