Breaking Points: Overdose Deaths Skyrocket In Horrific Lockdown Cost

This is on top of everything else that happened last year.


“NEW YORK (AP) — Overdose deaths soared to a record 93,000 last year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. government reported Wednesday.

That estimate far eclipses the high of about 72,000 drug overdose deaths reached the previous year and amounts to a 29% increase.

“This is a staggering loss of human life,” said Brandon Marshall, a Brown University public health researcher who tracks overdose trends. …”

The real threat is “white supremacy” though.

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  1. Republicans made sure the pharma companies that knowingly pushed this on Americans faced no consequences. The only time you can count on Republican politicians to win is when they’re defending the rights of corporations to mass murder their own constituents.

  2. Stories like this really piss me off.

    and don’t start trad posting on me!

    I’m glad to see breaking points covering this.

    It’s sad because like many issues partisan politics makes it impossible for people to see straight on this issue.

    The hyper partisanship of our politics makes you double, triple or quadruple down on one aspect of an issue- even though you’re well aware there’s more moving parts to it. But because you believe it to be the biggest contributing factor and the other side completely dismisses it, it’ll make you knee-jerk into rigidly defending that one side of it and you’ll make yourself unwilling to ever concede in some situations the other side might have a point.

    The drug issue is a perfectly example of how our spectator partisan politics wraps your brain. Very few people believe ALL you need to tackle the drug issue is enforcement/punitive action.

    And there’s probably more libtards that do believe in no enforcement at all (and a border sense all law enforcement is bad) but the vast majority don’t. And most just want more treatment and non-punitive measures to deal with drugs.

    But because it’s so partisan a right-winger hearing bad news about drugs will just say we need more enforcement. And lefty/liberal will say we need more treatment facility’s etc

    We need Tough-Love for addicts. Which is something our country is incapable of doing. If you mention rehabilitation around a right-winger it’ll trigger the fuck out of them and if you say anything about enforcement/punitive actions it’ll trigger the fuck out of them.

    Even if both sides acknowledge there’s merit to both punitive and rehabilitation and it’s really about drawing a line. We as Americans are unable to enter into good faith debates/negotiations.

    The drug issue really is a “both sides” issue because it won’t be successfully dealt with by only doing one side and drugs are so widespread it’s not a matter of containment but a matter of clean-up.

    *Containment on a local level. But nationally drugs are every where. From urban to rural. If it’s not widespread in your community do what you think is best but national…. It’s not like oh man if we just cut off the supply then nobody else will be able to get addicted.

    And while I think there’s a lot more we could do to limit the supply (especially before it even gets into the country, not supporting narco dictators in other people’s country’s is always a start) we would still have millions and millions of addicts and they would get very “creative” if POOF one day all illegal drugs were gone.

    The idea we could do tough love in this country is laughable. You’d either get the program ran by a lefty who doesn’t think anyone should be in jail ever (except for racism, sexism and homophobia) and would refuse to admit the reality that a decent amount of addicts are dangerous to varying degrees.

    Or you’d get some Right-Liberal army vet with a punisher tattoo who would want to get physical when someone couldn’t continue their task/routine from withdrawals.

    Dealing with addicts is extremely tough. Most aren’t honest with themselves and are unaware how dishonest they are with other people (whatever they said when they said it they meant it, but right now it’s a different vibe).

    So you can’t just “give them the benefit of the doubt.” But especially with opioid withdrawals people will get a burst of energy but then just crumble 30 minutes later. That’s because your brain chemistry is all screwed up and your brain can’t produce a normal amount dopamine naturally anymore.

    Which is actually mostly used for pain management and part of an adrenaline response to being injured is a release of a huge amount of dopamine. Idea being you’re running from a bear in the forest and you break your leg you want to be able to run to at least your out of danger.

    So ex-opioid addicts brains won’t release enough for them to cope with everyday pain/stresses because it’s holding all the dopamine it has for a real emergency.

    Making ex-opioid users *extremely* sensitive and many report crying spells for little to no reason. This makes them even more difficult because they’ll play games and if you snap back to hard they’ll just start balling but if you’re too nice they’ll take advantage of the people trying to help them.

    Either people want to just lock them up which is only painful and traumatizing. Or they want the softest treatment facility’s possible.

    The idea of tough-love is out of the question. When really that’s what addicts in particular need. You can’t baby addicts out of their addiction but they do need rehabilitation as well.

    • America’s drug problem, prior to integration, was microscopic, by comparison.
      Low culture corrupts good culture

  3. Federal legalisation of marijuana, one of the two main “gateway” drugs (along with alcohol) is being floated.

    Blaming lockdowns and other public health measures for an increase in opioid deaths is red meat for most of your readers, Hunter. But I don’t. I blame the for-profit opioid iindustry, and the capitalist system, that is next to Satan, perhaps the chief enemy of mankind.

  4. I’m guessing that anyone who overdosed during lockdowns, are probably people who already had underlying drug problems.
    I’m in lockdown. I simply put a record on, read or do some exercise. We really need to be stronger during times of temporary adversity.
    Man up powder puffs……

  5. This is a central issue of the Covid Psyop. Its been used as the pretext for a censorship regime thats already metastasized into climate denialism, and criticism of domestic policy of the queers running Bidens administration, that were running Trumps administration behind his back, and will continue further.

    Those of us that saw this for what it was in our own sphere are totally outnumbered by those who were buffalo’ed by the regimes full spectrum propaganda effort, but not in the general population thankfully.

    I once again am grateful for the ornery recalcitrance of normie Whites, who don’t give a fuck if they are called “conspiratard” or cynically ridiculed for not trusting the regimes statistics and graphs, and stubbornly cling to common sense and call bullshit when they see it.

    This has been a lesson for me too, to always trust my gut because at least my gut tends toward parsimonious explanations for whats happening. Coupled with a growing distrust of the intellectuals of the dissident right, who have now made so many repeated tactical mistakes in their rhetorical positioning that I’m beginning to suspect its more than ineptitude.

    We should be relearning the virtue of hatred for authority, and people that assert their intellectual superiority to us without feeling the need for demonstrating it first, settling instead for alot of smoke, mirrors and word salad to put a rightwing spin on regime talking points.

    Slowly, I’m beginning to hate.

    • The fact that people are dying from opioid overdoses, which has been going on for years, DOES NOT mean that no one was dying from COVID or that it was all a HOAX or that millions of people were going to starve to death, which is what the conspiratards were saying last year. COVID is a real virus. It is a highly infectious, moderately lethal virus. Most people get over it. It kills sick and old people. Virtually everyone now knows someone who has been infected with COVID and that fact alone is why people are so dismissive of conspiratards.

    • “people that assert their intellectual superiority to us without feeling the need for demonstrating it first,”


  6. Covid effects different people in different ways. For some, there’s no symptoms present. For others, it’s death. I’m not willing to find out what catagory I’d fall into.
    People complain about lockdowns, but if half the population, including our mothers, were wiped out, we’d complain about that too.
    It’s a new problem, and nobody yet knows how to correctly deal with it.
    We need to reserve judgement on the dynamics and conspiracy theories until a later date. In the meantime, allow the powers that be to get on top of it unhindered.

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