James Carville: The Noisy Identity Cultural Left Is Defining Our Party

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It’s true.

Wokeness is spilling over into everything.

It is like a raging dumpster fire that has set the whole neighborhood ablaze. Everything from the vaccine distribution to small business loans to immigration policy to policing to the Pentagon is on fire.


“CARVILLE: Well, people, we saw in New York, people want candidates to address their lives. I mean, Biden did a little worse. But he did better with suburban women. He did better with veterans.

Not to belabor your point, we did lose traction with Black voters and Hispanic voters. And I think part of that is we got identified by the “Defund the Police” and the language police. And that’s not who Biden is. Biden didn’t even know what wokeness is, so you couldn’t explain it to him.

And I think that the Democratic Party, I’m very encouraged in what I saw in New York, I was very encouraged by the results in Virginia primary, very encouraged by what happened in Louisiana.

Look, there’s this whole noisy, Identity Left is 15 percent of the Democratic Party. Two-thirds of their party are these loony — agree with these loony insurrectionists, and this kind of stuff.

Yet, we pay such a terrible political price for a slightly more than fringe element of our party, where they don’t pay near the price for just totally goofy, not even on this planet part of their party. So, we just have to be more effective and more determined in our communications. …”

Yes, the Democrats will pay a terrible political price for it.

Guns and abortion used to be the deeply polarizing culture war issues. There are at least twenty or thirty new culture war battles right now. There is a cultural grievance for everyone now.

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  1. @ “defining our party” !? You have no party! Carville man, you really need to give that cocaine addled brain of your a rest, Carville man!…….

    • “And that’s not who Biden is. Biden didn’t even know what wokeness is, so you couldn’t explain it to him.”

      Talk about a coke addled brain. Carville couldn’t explain to Biden how to unfold a lawn chair. Nor could you or I, but at least we know that from the git gat.

  2. Yes and it’s very sad seeing how bad things have become in US Politics and Society. It seems that the things that bring Americans together are now ignored by everyone. The extremes on the right and left have defined everything in politics now. I’m saying this as a very extreme White Nationalist and Southerner. However enough is enough after a while. I’m not a fan of Bill Clinton or President Bush but the US wasn’t at War with each other during those guys time in office. When Obama got elected…the Republicans hated it. Trump got elected…Democrats hated it. Now with Covid-19, Masks, and Vaccine everybody has turned against each other along political / voting grounds. BLM. The invasion of the US Capital. On and on. It’s pretty sad. Deo Vindice !

  3. Maybe the cowardly fuck can have a show on CNN with Andrew Sullivan and call it Orange Man Bad Crossfire.

    • @ better idea, cap’n sir, Carville lives in new Orleans, d.duke is in the area also, Carville & Duke, what a podcast, that would make, at the present moment politically, Carville is an adversary, but Carville is brash and bold, I always liked his style, imagine his ole crazy ass on our side, Carville repent of your wickedness and join us shrewd and brilliant sir, we would welcome you, neither party really wants or needs you anymore, consider this an invitation mr.Carville, southern sir.

  4. Republican Party: A political party that represents the interests of the Deep North.

    Democratic Party: A political party that represents the interests of the Derp North.

    What party represents the interests of the South, or the interests of the West, outside of the Left Coast?


    James Carville is just another Southern Scalawag that is irrelevant in a political party and system totally dominated by Northerners and Mexifornians, and working for the interests of the Northern State governments, and the oligarchs that rule them.

    Getting our country back means; getting “our country” back. Not the Yankees’ country. Ours. Dixie.

    Not MAGA.

  5. A small part of the party? Who is Carville fooling? What is happening is the logical outcome of the Democratic agenda that Carville has long supported, and it is far more extreme than the opponents on the other side, at least for the moment.

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