American Booksellers Association Apologizes For “Anti-Trans” Book

Guess what?

You are “fascism” and “authoritarianism” and the people who are censoring books


“NEW YORK (AP) — The American Booksellers Association is apologizing for sending a publication widely criticized as anti-transgender, Abigail Shrier’s “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters,” in a recent mailing to independent stores.

“This is a serious, violent incident that goes against ABA’s ends policies, values, and everything we believe and support. It is inexcusable,” the trade group tweeted Wednesday.

“Apologies are not enough. We’ve begun addressing this today and are committed to engaging in the critical dialogue needed to inform concrete steps to address the harm we caused.”

Casey Morrissey, a buyer at the Greenlight Bookstores in Brooklyn, had tweeted earlier that they were “seething” after seeing “Irreversible Damage” included in the ABA’s “white box,” which the association sends every two months to many of its member stores. The box generally includes promotional materials, advanced copies of upcoming books and “finished books that publishers wish for booksellers to read” and consider selling, according to the ABA. …”

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  1. In Hitler’s Germany, trans books were burned.
    In Modern Weimerica, trans burn your books.

    • I doubt there was one book in free Germany that was burned but didn’t deserve to be. The garbage ideology of the US, which consists of giving total freedom of action to human cockroaches, has allowed them to gain the upper hand, and now it’s decent men and women who are repressed.

  2. Russia is Conservative Slavic Christian

    America is homosexual tranny freak pederast

    America will rot in HELL!!!!

    • Russia to this modern nuclear second still has Jew problem Patrick

      Slavic or what ever ethical group resides Thier since the Mongolia invasion

  3. I read it last summer. The author didn’t condemn these people, she was more like wtf these are drugs and medical procedures, not pronouns. If I remember correctly, about half of the families of these trans teens were openly tolerant of or activist in gay rights. Is it any wonder.

  4. The ants you see, and worker bees, are neutered females. The only reproductive females are the queens.

  5. How could Casey Morrissey refuse any books, seeing that almost no one reads or buys books? She has a fake-sounding name and a fake-sounding job. I read books, but the last place I would go to get them is “Greenlight Bookstores.”

  6. The Jewess who wrote this book is not actually anti-tranny, as she has repeatedly stated. It seems that she’s concerned that little goy girls who are turned out into butch little freaks may not align with her feminist “values”. That is to say, the controversy over this book is a feud between different cockroach factions. The only reasonable view for a White Christian is that both trannies and feminists, along with their advocates, should be executed.

  7. Let’s hope seeing this book really does cause ‘irreversible damage’ to the minds of lefty wokesters.

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