CNN: Every Aspect of American Life Is Becoming More Expensive

It is a new progressive era.

In this new progressive era, woke progressivism has replaced liberal progressivism. Democrats are also more comfortable spending trillions of dollars, but crucially have become less willing to tax their base of affluent, suburban voters to pay for it. The result of this is runaway inflation.


“New York (CNN Business) – There’s no escaping it: Prices are rising across the board, including all the essentials — food, clothing and shelter.

American home prices are up 20% over the past year. Prices of food eaten outside the home were up more than 4% in June over the past year, and apparel prices rose nearly 5% over the same time period.That’s not all. Virtually every aspect of American life is getting pricier — a key measure of inflation just hit a 13-year high.

Here’s a look at three ways everyone is paying more …”

The official story in late April/early May was that rising inflation, illegal immigration and violent crime were temporary and transitory speedbumps on the road to the politically correct paradise. Skyrocketing gas prices and gas shortages were also nothing to worry about.

Our Joe, who art in Washington, of glorious memory – since the date of thy proclamation of systematic and structural racism.
Thy kingdom come, and overthrow the republic; thy senile will be done, and the laws perish.
Give us this day our daily supply of violent crime and inflation.
Forgive us our plunders, but destroy the “far right.”
Lead us into fat pastures; but deliver us from “white supremacy”; and make us the equal of the negro; for “equity” shall be our kingdom, and becoming South Africa the glory of thy administration.

Note: There are also weird, mysterious nationwide shortages of all kinds of things from chicken wings to coins popping up.

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  1. Housing prices are crazy – we bought a house in 2019 that I was pissed that I thought we overpaid for by 10 or 20 grand – now the thing is worth 20-30% more than we bought it for with me only putting a few grand into it fixing it up myself.

  2. I read that recent inflation is the highest it’s been in over 13 years.

    We KNEW this would happen when Biden got in. They kept the economy artificially pumped up under Trump. They slashed the lending rates, so people would spend.

  3. As I understand it, we have multiple bubbles in the economy, real estate being just one of them. When the interest rates rise to a certain level, the bubbles will pop and the economy will take a nosedive. When this will happen, no one knows; however, what goes up (bubbles) must come down.

  4. Monopoly money, backed by nothing more than the ever eroding confidence in the US government.

  5. The U.S. is the exact opposite of DPRK (unoccupied, independent, ethnonational socialist Korea) where no money is needed, no usury is allowed, and everything essential is free for the people.

  6. Hunter;

    What is it with these ‘anonymous’ trolls popping up all the time now? Most of their postings are amateurish and poorly done, not up to the standards of even the Hasbara troll farms which is indeed a low bar. It’s hard to tell if there should be a ‘/s’ tag after many of the ‘anonymous’ trolls they are so ridiculous like the one above singing the praises of the DPRK, one of the worst places on earth.

    Are they based in China and just a poor imitation of other overseas trolls or is this a typical hack U.S. Government effort through the FBI, DHS, ADL etc.?

    • You are made to believe North Korea is the worst place on earth by the Jews. North Korea does not recognize the state of Israel and has in the past sent military men and equipment to Israeli enemies. And our dear dear beloved poor poor Otto was a Jew spy.

  7. Last week CIANN and other subversive anti white msm news sites were applauding high gas prices and inflated food prices as return to a healthy economy lol

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