NFL Will Play Black National Anthem Before Every Game In 2021

In Joe Biden’s America, we live under systematic racism and “white supremacy.”

We also put blacks up on a massive pedestal far above all other races. We don’t treat them equally. We treat them better than everyone else here. The political establishment wants to treat them even better than we already do. The entire country revolves around this sick and bizarre racial drama.

Atlanta Journal Constitution:

“The NFL will play the Black national anthem before all games during the 2021 season, including the Sept. 9 kickoff game and the playoffs, as part of a 10-year, $250 million commitment to fighting racism in America, reports say.

Additionally, the league announced it will feature social justice messaging on fields, signage and helmet decals and public service announcements, according to a report by Front Office Sports. …

The moves follow a league-wide test-run last season in which the song “Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing” was played before the start of games in Week 1 and at Super Bowl 55 in a performance by Alicia Keys.

The song will be performed ahead of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” according to reports. …”

As we have repeatedly pointed out, the Democratic Party is centered on the toxic relationship between the woke professional class and blacks. The former is constantly trying to debase Whites and elevate blacks. The woke professional class is obviously trying to Africanize the country.

It has gotten to the point where blacks have their own national anthem and their own independence day and only black monuments are protected from vandalism by the law. When a police officer kills a black, it is a national scandal no matter what the context. When blacks go on racially motivated shooting sprees, the power of “social justice” ideology is such that “journalists” go out of their way to cover it up because an accurate portrayal of race and violent crime would paint blacks in a bad light.

This toxic relationship brings out the worst impulses of both groups. In the case of the woke professional class, it causes them to degrade and debase the White working class in an orgy of virtue signaling and self congratulation. In the case of blacks, they are denied any individual agency whatsoever and the relentless coddling and being shielded from criticism on the grounds of “racism” enfeebles them.

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  1. I would support this if the black national anthem was Schoolly D’s “Smoke Some Kill.”

  2. White sports cucks will go along with it as long as they still tale-gate before the games. Once the game starts, they can cheer for their favorite negro while wearing his name on the back of his shirt.

  3. Hey, if it helps to get a few more white tards to quit watching, all for the better.

  4. What these idiots don’t understand is everything MLK Jr. believed is now being tossed in the trash by Black Supremacists and White Liberals. The whole everybody comes together thing as Americans. It’s gone. The Democrats have literally destroyed everything MLK Jr. believed and the Republicans are still Jew Capitalist Pig business as usual… ignoring White racial issues. Stop voting for the Republicantard Party. Nothing but a bunch of rich pigs that hate all White People…replace them everyday with a Mexican at Work. The Republican Party don’t care about you. The NFL should care about all players…of all races. If we live in a Diversity / Multicultural Society…..White European Americans should have Civil Rights like everybody else. If not lets finish the job…..separate all the races globally and finally have White Nationalists for all White People. Deo Vindice !

    • Bruh, hate to break it to you, but MLK didn’t “believe” any of that stuff you are told (which was from a single speech). It was a foot in the door, given the time and place. That entire operation wouldn’t have gone over as smoothly if they came out and said “F@ck Whitey, pay up, cracka” in the 1960s.

  5. It’s ironic how all these groups want inclusion, tolerance and equality among all, yet do and say everything possible to have the opposite effect. Telling whites they have privilege, are racist, and that they’ll be a minority by 2044 isn’t conductive to a united society imo.

  6. I would say I would boycott sportsball because of this, but I gave it up years ago, when Kapperdink first took a knee.

  7. The Nigger Felon League has already supposedly lost millions of Whites; may this cause millions more. Fuck that race traitor scum Goodell.

  8. While the U.S. population concentrates on sports, fornication, and recreational drug use, China is focusing on science, math and engineering.

  9. Will White fans in the stadiums be required to stand and sing along with the black “national anthem” (sic)? What about the sports fans at home, will they be required to stand and sing along at home too?

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