San Francisco Is Being Quietly Looted

Organized looting has become a feature of life in progressive San Francisco for a reason.

New York Post:

“This is no coincidence. Permissive state and local policies and attitudes have signaled to thieves that San Francisco is a perfect “shopping” destination: a mecca for organized retail crime.

In 2014, a statewide law (Proposition 47) reclassified nonviolent thefts as misdemeanors for stolen goods worth less than $950. California’s property crime immediately spiked from below the national average to above it and has continued to grow. And San Francisco, as of 2019, had twice the property-crime rate per resident — 1 in 18 — as the rest of California; not to mention that San Francisco’s rate of violent crime per resident is 50 percent above California’s.

In January 2020, San Francisco’s new “progressive” district attorney, Chesa Boudin (a son of convicted cop killers), made decreasing penalties for nonviolent offenses a cornerstone of his agenda. He also crusaded to ban cash bail, reduce prison populations and pursue non-incarceration.

That year, while burglaries were down nationwide, they rose in San Francisco by 50 percent; motor-vehicle theft, up around 4 percent nationwide, shot up in San Francisco by 22 percent. As the petition for one of the two recall efforts against Boudin stated: “In 2020, violent crime, home invasions, rampant and unchecked drug dealing and business-property theft have turned our city upside down.”

Everyone goes toward greatest opportunity and least risk. Thieves flock to San Francisco, unconcerned by what amounts to the vague threat of a citation should they be detained — which is unlikely, as police make arrests in less than 3 percent of reported thefts, and these cases rarely get prosecuted. …”

The San Francisco Chronicle is defending these “Black Lives Matter-inspired reforms” which have unleashed the crime wave in San Francisco. Criminal justice reform and police reform in California and San Francisco was necessary to deal with systematic racism and “white supremacy.” Just last night, we learned on MSNBC from Chris Hayes that Biz Markie and DMX died of “racism.”

San Francisco Chronicle:

“There undoubtedly are a number of factors contributing to store closings — shoplifting probably being one of many. But to what extent? …

The impact of these journalistic decisions isn’t benign; it drives demand for more police and longer prison sentences. …

Meanwhile, the companies in question have tremendous incentive to blame shoplifting. CVS, for example, contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars to industry groups like the California Retail Association and California Chamber of Commerce, both of which lobby for repealing or meaningfully revising Proposition 47, California’s 2014 criminal justice reform ballot measure to reduce or eliminate prison sentences for nonviolent crime like petty theft.

Given the stakes of heeding calls for tougher laws and more crimes — namely more Black and brown people in prison for much longer — media outlets should demand actual evidence, or inquire about corporate internal methodology for identifying organized crime rings, before echoing these claims. …

Repealing Black Lives Matter-inspired reforms has real and often tragic consequences on mass incarceration. The premises for doing so are being cemented right now in the public mind. They are deserving of robust fact-checking, skepticism and pushback.”

Guess what?

If you decide that you can’t punish people anymore for little crimes like theft or vandalism because of an inflated sense of White guilt over “racism” (the definition of which is constantly being expanded by woke shitlibs), they will rob you blind. They will also attack and rob the AAPI community. The media has blamed that on “white supremacy” although it hasn’t identified these “white supremacists.”

FOX News:

Shoplifting and car break-ins are becoming more brazen in San Francisco and residents, business owners and employees told Fox News they’re becoming increasingly frustrated.

“This is really bad. I’ve been in the Bay area 20 years, I’ve never seen this,” a local security guard, J.C. Hernandez, told Fox News.

“It’s just lawlessness,” he continued. “People are just openly coming in and stealing stuff.”

One local employee, Gianni, who didn’t want to give his last name, told Fox News: “It’s getting worse and worse.”

California Retail Association President Rachel Michelin told Fox News the extent of the problem “blows your mind away.” She said multi-millions of dollars worth of merchandise is being stolen from retailers in San Francisco and the money is ultimately used by crime syndicates. …”

San Francisco is a major stronghold of progressive activists.

40% of the people who live there say that they plan to move out of the city over the next few years. 70% of people in San Francisco say the quality of life has declined. These are the consequences of their policies which the rest of us have been invited to believe should be extended nationwide.

Note: The shoplifting crisis in San Francisco is just one example of the toxic relationship between the woke professional class and coddled blacks which is the center of gravity in the Democratic Party and how White guilt is exploited to undermine the basic tasks required to maintain a civilization.

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  1. I hope that Civilization completely collapses in California…along with total ecological collapse…Make it a massive indictment of the 1960s counter culture…

    A gentle reminder:4 Star US Army General Mark Milley is floating brown turd in Rosie O’Donnell’s turlet…and this is the apex of Civilization in post-white America…

  2. . “70% of people in San Francisco say the quality of life has declined”

    Ah, the blessings of sweet diversity.

    • I lived there in the 90’s and yes, the housing projects were a problem but mostly it really was a happy multi culti city. I appreciated the asian restaurants etc. Pubs were good and there were always good music shows locally. The homeless just got worse and worse and you started seeing discarded needles in the parks. I haven’t been back in 20 years but it really sounds unlivable now.

  3. It’s interesting to watch the videos understanding that every single person complaining likely voted for the politicians who made the crime and dysfunction possible. They would all probably rather associate with ghetto thugs, migrants, illegals and shysters than with a law-abiding deplorable who minds his own business like me. Too bad we have freedom of movement for transplants and immigrants in the U.S.

    • These big blue cities need to be seen for what they are: foreign, globalist colonies on the territory of the Historic American Nation. The opposition to what has been going on needs to be reinterpreted in an Anti-Colonialist frame to understand our enemy and undertaking. White Americans are like a conquered 19th century people with a foreign overlord. Current opposition needs to be seen as this foreign globalist power having total conquest instead of just a two party split from a mid 20th century civics class. Normies are starting to sense things aren’t normal. Seeing the struggle as reminiscent of anti-colonialist movements may aid in understanding the reality of the situation.

  4. San Francisco

    A city whose Religion is Syphillitic torn bloody rectums-mixed in with feces and maggot eggs….a paradise for 4 Star US Army General Slimey Mark Milley…..

    San Francisco=Anal Sex Worship Holy Land….for the degenerate and rancid homosexual population…

  5. A great city in a great state now both gone to shit, the logical result of diversity, multi-culturalism, open borders and a thoroughly corrupt political class. Coming to a town near you if hasn’t already arrived.

    Ain’t democracy grand? As another commenter noted, the locals voted for this time after time, now they don’t like what they chose. Too fucking bad. Eat it.

  6. Most of the people who move out will behave and vote exactly as they did before.

  7. There hasn’t been a more fitting time to post this old punk rock classic

    That photo of Nancy pooolsi and Chuck shithead Schumer still gives me stress looking at it what a bunch of pathetic looking retards! Blumpf never had a action plan for these bastards wanted to earn their respect the old fashioned cuckservative way sad low energy blumpf always listening to grimworm jarvanka

  8. I enjoy watching shitlibs get what they vote for good and hard. It just sucks that they have the power to force their stupid ideas on the rest od us too.

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