Chris Hayes: Biz Markie Was Killed Was Systematic Racism

We all killed Biz Markie.

We’re all responsible for his death.

Black people are dying left and right from structural racism and systematic racism. Tupac, Biggie and Easy E were all killed by systematic racism. Ol’ Dirty Bastard was killed by systematic racism. DMX was killed by systematic racism. Kobe Bryant was killed by systematic racism.

Note: Biz Markie actually died from complications of Type 2 diabetes. Unlike “white supremacy,” it is a leading cause of death for both blacks and Whites.

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  1. All of these rappers have had access to more money and more expensive medical care than my 75 year old father ever dreamed of.

    If they died young, it’s because they chose a lifestyle that shortened their lives. Period.

    • Memento you hit the nail on the head. Both my parents have paid into the system for over 60 years each and get treated like dirt by the medical system and still pay out of pocket for everything. I have no problem with any of the old school rappers mentioned especially Biz Markie but this piece of shit Chris Hayes is pathetic. “My favorite rapper MF Doom died of structural racism”. This genuine shill never heard of MF Doom. This is all about attacking whites and never letting up.

      Claiming a man who was decked out in diamonds and platinum driving around in luxury cars was oppressed and died of racism has nothing to do with the rappers. It has to do with attacking and replacing whites. The reason it can’t let up is because the focus can never fall upon the actual villains who destroyed this society and the world. You will be deplatformed and called a hateful bigot before you get get out the next sentence. It is amazing the system these people have built and how effective it works.

    • Yeah blacks aren’t exactly known for dieting or healthy eating. Fried chicken and heavy sugar laden drinks eventually take their toll on your body

  2. Hayes was born in Norwood, The Bronx, New York City, one of three sons of Roger and Geri Hayes. His mother is of Italian descent and his father is of Irish Catholic ancestry.

    I know……

  3. “We’re all responsible for his death.”

    That’s true !
    Too much KFC , Twinkies and grape drank.
    We overfeed our zoo animals.

  4. Fun song though. He did get to live a pleasure filled life well into middle age. Every year a black survives over 50 is time borrowed from white society and technology. No fucking shame or gratitude about that.

  5. High fructose corn syrup. Kills your liver. Galactose is only processed in the liver. I smell Shlomo all over this.

    • High fructose corn syrup may be bad for you and it definitely raises blood sugar which would make type 2 diabetes symptoms worse, but the cause of type 2 diabetes is the high fat diet like KFC and being overweight. The fat in the cells block insulin receptors from doing their job thus raising blood sugar. Before Metformin, they used to treat type 2 diabetes with a diet of white rice, fruit and table sugar. There was a treatment center at Duke University that had great success with this. In the short term this would make symptoms worse (just as a high fat diet meal might slightly improve symptoms) but over time this simple diet would greatly improve insulin sensitivity (and the high fat diet over time makes insulin sensitivity worse).

  6. I like how all of the media and elites claim to know who these retarded rappers are. They are rappers, the bottom if the barrel of entertainers! Nobody should know who they are!

  7. Type 2 diabetes is a disease of excess. It barely exists in poorer parts of the world where people subsist on rice or corn. It is the end result of living on KFC and McDonald’s and being comfortably sedentary.

  8. They’re all niggers. And [c]Rap music,… isn’t.
    Don’t know a damn one of ’em. Don’t care. Don’t matter.

    Secede. A White Nationalist Christian nation that stones sodomites, and excludes Deicides, is my “Jerusalem.”

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