“Our House Had Been Hit With Fecal Matter Again”

It is a new progressive era.

In Portland, the signs of this are everywhere: an explosion in homeless people, CRT in public schools, violent anarchists who are rampaging through the streets, broken windows, graffiti all over town, streets that smell like piss and shit, human feces being dumped into suburban neighborhoods, a collapsing and demoralized police force, an explosion in violent crime, plummeting real estate value downtown, etc. Most people who live in Portland are afraid to go downtown now.

Is Portland over?

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  1. Portland police are swine. I hope they get defunded and lose their pensions. It would be one of the few good things to come out of this. Clearing the homeless out of neighboring states is another. Thanks Oregon!

    • I would agree, more or less. The right seems to like and admire authority figures, like the police, like the military, even though these groups don’t seem to have a lot of admiration for the values of the alt right. They do seem to have a desire to shove other people around, that’s what the cops and the army are good at.

  2. So what? “Our most loyal ally and the only real democracy in the Middle East” (Israel) sprays fecal matter (sewage sludge liquid) and highly-concentrated “skunk liquid” (the worst smell in the world) on Palestinian homes and Palestinians all time:

    • Israel needs more nogs. They do this automatically. Look at the Atlanta subway. Talk about a fucking biohazard.

    • That doesn’t surprise me. You would never hear any of the global homo msm to admit this. CNN’s gayboy Anderson Cooper, Brian Stelter or even Tucker Carlson either for that matter wouldn’t talk about it

  3. Are they just the vacationing RV crowd, who doesn’t want to pay to stay at RV parks with facilities?
    The ones dumping it down storm drains, etc., are real jerks.
    I don’t care for the “free and easy” RV life that a lot of them have. They don’t want to work, so they live on scraping to get by, and this is what they do. Lazy asses.
    Stop taxing the public to pay for them.

  4. Even in the absolute dystopia of his Northwest Novels Harold Covington never expected Cousin Eddie to show up with a RV with a bursting sewage tank. Instead of “The Battle of Sunset Beach” in The Brigade he should have written “My Toilet Will Make Me Free”. The jokes truly write themselves.

  5. @ “is Portland over” ? No, but it is the, spiritually symbolic, of the late great unites States, one of three possibilities as I see it, collapse of the empire, how and why, pick your poison, military take over, or we take over, biblically, Babylon falls in one hour, to the uniformed, that means us, we must survive the fall of Babylon, we must be prepared to step up, declare our “Confederacy”, reborn and dedicated too Jesus Christ and we shall feed our lord’s sheep..

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