WSJ: The Murder Spike of 2020: When Police Pull Back

Republican and Independent voters are correct to blame the “racial justice movement” for unleashing the demon of chaos and disorder that led to the massive spike in violent crime.

Wall Street Journal:

“The rise in murders in the U.S. in 2020 was unprecedented. Complete nationwide data for the year won’t be available until September, but we already know that in 70 cities and counties that account for a fifth of the U.S. population, the murder rate rose by 35%. The largest previous increase on record was 13% in 1968—a year that, like 2020, was marked by civil unrest, often triggered by police misconduct, leading to demands for police reform.

In the years before 2020, the murder rate had begun to edge up after a two-decade decline that reached a historic low in 2014. Even so, it rose just 15% in the next five years combined.

Why was 2020 so dramatically different? …

The Covid lockdowns of 2020 are also a weak explanation for surging violence. Such lockdowns took place around the world, but the dramatic rise in murders is a phenomenon unique to the U.S. …

What happened in the U.S.? A perfect storm of related factors.

Years of declining crime rates through 2014 had allowed political leaders to shift their focus away from crime prevention. The number of arrests nationwide peaked in 1997, and the number of people incarcerated has been in a slow decline since 2007. What changed in 2020 is that policing itself came under unprecedented pressure, brought on by the murder of Mr. Floyd. …

Such external pressure, combined with a pullback on the part of police departments wary of intensified scrutiny, has resulted in less proactive policing in many cities. In Los Angeles, for instance, arrests declined 40% between 2013 and 2019, mostly as a result of Proposition 47, which reclassified many felonies as misdemeanors. In 2020 arrests dropped another 37%, and this year they are down another 6% so far, even as shootings and murders in Los Angeles continue to rise. …

The power of deterrence is often overrated, but the effective withdrawal of so much of the criminal justice system in New York City was bound to have an effect. …

In Seattle, where protests after Mr. Floyd’s death sometimes turned violent and resulted in the creation of an anti-police “autonomous zone,” the murder rate increased 41%. …”

Yeah, what changed in these big cities?

This trend seemed to start in St. Louis in 2014 and Baltimore in 2015.

Has systematic racism and white supremacy become worse in these cities since 2014, OR, progressive policing and prosecutors? It sounds to me like the DC Chief of Police, the Oakland Chief of Police and Eric Adams have all been saying that the relentless coddling of the criminal element is the problem.

Meanwhile in Seattle aka CHAZ/CHOP, where Summer Taylor died while playing in traffic last summer, homeless people have been emboldened to throw rocks off the interstate and smash the cars below.

Seattle Times:

“On Tuesday afternoon, state transportation workers notified a homeless encampment overlooking Interstate 90 near Rainier Avenue that residents would be forced to move their tents and belongings from the area because the encampment had been linked to someone throwing rocks at cars from the overpass.

Hours later, Seattle Police arrested a 41-year-old man and accused him of throwing rocks and debris at seven cars on the freeway near the encampment.

At 9 a.m. Thursday — less than 48 hours later — crews showed up to clear the encampment, saying it was still a danger. …”

Anyway, this is their own internal affair.

We should look at these progressive cities as a lesson in what not to do. These cities have cultivated an atmosphere of disrespect for the law, contempt for authority and hatred for order. They should be free to wallow in their own literal piles of filth, garbage and shit.

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  1. Remember, years ago, in st.pete. fl.
    how da yung cillins got their jollies by dropping cinder blocks from overpasses, killing motorists ?

    Waz dat cinder block violence ?
    Waz dat chillin violence ?

  2. I got a chuckle about hearing about an I-80 rest area near San Francisco that has become so crime ridden and dangerous with a drug addict homeless camp that the gays can’t go there for anonymous toilet sex anymore. These liberal cities have turned into Thunderdome.

  3. Police are crazy if they are doing anything but the absolute minimum. Why would they risk it? Any black wronged (hurt while resisting) is a martyr whose fambly is rich bitch!!! ZOG is openly declaring open season on police and YT in general.
    Try to defend yourself white man. ZOG will break you.
    antifa are junkies and every wimp that was bullied in school. Revenge of the nerds.

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