“White Supremacist” Arrested After Brutal Anti-AAPI Assault Spree In New York City

It is sad to see that this is still going on after Joe Biden signed the anti-Asian hate crimes bill in May. The AAPI community has been under relentless assault for over a year now by “white supremacists” in big cities like New York City and San Francisco which defunded the police. In San Francisco, “white supremacists” are also vandalizing Asian businesses and looting stores.

New York Post:

“A woman was arrested Thursday for an alleged hate-driven, anti-Asian assault spree that left four people injured over the course of several months in Queens, police said.

Maricia Bell, 25, is accused of attacking three women — ages 75, 63 and 34 — and a 23-year-old man in four separate incidents in the borough beginning May 23, according to police.

In the first attack, Bell allegedly yelled, “Why are you talking to me?” before punching the man in a Flushing parking lot on Kissena Boulevard, cops said. …”

Don’t be fooled by Maricia Bell.

We learned earlier this year from the president of the Association of Asian-American Studies that “white supremacy” is the root of all race-related violence in the United States. When blacks who live in these big cities assault and kill Asians and Hispanics who live in these big cities, “white supremacists” who don’t live there or who died centuries ago are responsible because of systematic racism.

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    • Those stats don’t even begin to tell the story.

      Most murders in so. Chicago go unsolved, we know they are black killers.

      Ive done some comparisons of all WHITE areas wi all black areas. In all WHITE areas there’s about >1 murder per 100.000 and in all black areas, like e. St.louis or Benton Harbor, it can be 130 per 100,000.

      It can easily be concluded that the black murder rate is over100 times the WHITE.(I’M being overly generous to blacks, probably 200 250 , if all factors are considered)

      (Keep in mind, many a jose, garcia, lopez is put in the WHITE murders stats, corrupted !)

  1. Yeah when Rabbi’s are attacked by blacks in Noo Yoyke……….that’s white supremacy. Oh, and ALLL Y Pepo are responsible………even those who died in 1890! 😉

  2. What the Jews have already done to whites now they are doing to Asians, giving blacks a reason to attack and to hate the innocent, white or Asian. Do Asians know it is the Jews who are stirring blacks up to attack them?

    And at the same time these Jews are pretending to have empathy and understanding for these Asian victims and forming alliance with Asians to fight hate, what a load of crap.

  3. What is her fear? I don’t understand her absurd tweets…Bikers with Nazi tattoos? Unfriendly hotel staff? It’s difficult to put your finger on some of those things. Maybe being a victim (even if totally imaginary) of White supremacy gives one special power and clout? Anyway, Kevin MacDonald has warned for decades that the fate of Whites surrounded by racial minorities who’ve become the majority can’t be good. A hated racial element but in a state of weakness and demographic decline. They can just smell the blood in the water.

    • What an idiot, the main danger in Yellowstone is the animals not the local whites. I also got the impression the areas around Yellowstone are second homes for the wealthy.

  4. Dr. Ho (apt name) & her 6ft. Marine-looking soy-dipper can alleviate her crippling gear of being attacked by Nazi bikers or emotionally brutalized by White waitresses by eschewing rural areas in favor of exciting, diverse, enlightened major cities: try the delicious cuisine & enjoy the atmosphere of a soul food joint in Harlem.

  5. These slit-eyed “Model Minorities” are now proving with their every utterance that they hate us every bit as much as the kikes & the rest of the mud monkeys. They want so badly to get on the Hate Whitey Express gravy train – but are being met with nigger fists & stanky feet to their pan-faces.

  6. There are no Whites in their native homelands so all of these Asian zipperheads need to GTFO of the US.

  7. This is interesting:

    I am apt to suspect the negroes, and in general all the other species of men (for there are four or five different kinds) to be naturally inferior to the whites. There never was a civilized nation of any other complexion than white, nor even any individual eminent either in action or speculation. No ingenious manufactures amongst them, no arts, no sciences. On the other hand, the most rude and barbarous of the whites, such as the ancient GERMAN the present TARTARS have still something eminent about them, in their valour, form of government, or some other particular. Such a uniform and constant difference could not happen, in so many countries and ages, if nature had not made an original distinction betwixt these breeds of men. Not to mention our colonies, there are NEGROE slaves dispersed all over EUROPE, of which none ever discovered any symptom of ingenuity; tho’ low people, without education, will start up amongst us, and distinguish themselves in every profession. In JAMAICA, indeed, they talk of one negroe as a man of parts and learning; but ’tis likely he is admired for very slender accomplishments, like a parrot, who speaks a few words plainly.”
    David hume
    (He also wrote ” jews are noted for fraud”

  8. Jews have created structure and incentives for anti-white hatred. David French, Kendi, Robin DiAngelo and Dr. Ho get paid to incite anti-white hatred.

  9. The Asians all love the big cities, they look down on rural life so are all present in the new Thunderdome the left has turned our urban areas into. Some blacks frequently just freak out and act violently in a rage. Now with all this immigration over the last 20 years there are tons of Asians in their proximity. The crazy drugged out street people are also an ever present danger to anyone stupid enough to have the bright lights big city wanderlust.

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