DC Police Chief: “You Cannot Coddle Violent Criminals”


The same judicial system in DC which had no problem locking up the “January 6th insurrectionists” because they fit a politically correct narrative pushed by the political establishment and which let the hundreds of Disrupt J20 anarchists walk is releasing violent criminals into the streets of DC.

FOX News:

“Washington, D.C., police chief Robert Contee declared himself “mad as hell” Friday as he vented about the city’s ineffective justice system and said violent criminals shouldn’t be “coddled.”

Speaking after Thursday’s shooting in D.C.’s popular Logan Circle that sent pedestrians running for cover, Contee’s frustration was clear.

“I’m going to give it to you straight … The justice system that we have right now, it is not functioning the way that it should. The courts are not open. That is a fact. Barely open,” he said. “So cases from last year that happened during COVID of violent criminals that have not been disposed of, where do you think those individuals are? They’re in community.” …”

We live under systematic racism and “white supremacy.”

A strange and notable feature of this system is how hard the system cracks down on the accused “white supremacists” and “insurrectionists” and “domestic extremists” and its adamant refusal to mete out the same punishment to anarchists and common street criminals. Riots which devastated cities like Minneapolis and which went on for months in Portland are swept under the rug to be forgotten while a MAGA riot which lasted a few hours is still treated as national news six months later.

FOX News:

Washington D.C., police chief Robert Contee said law enforcement officials have issued warnings over the years that the loss of police officers would be problematic for the city, which has seen a recent spike in gun violence following “intentional efforts” to defund his department. 

“This is something that we’ve been warning about for years,” Contee told Fox News on Friday, following a news conference where he gave an update on a brazen double shooting in D.C.’s popular Logan Circle a day earlier that sent bystanders running for their lives. “We don’t really have the ability to hire officers right now. We have a defined amount of resources to deal with a very large city that continues to grow.”

Earlier in the week, he said the Metropolitan Police Department was down almost 215 officers. In July 2020, as calls to defund the police grew louder following the death of George Floyd, the department had 3,800 officers, he said. …”

Defunding the police is also a feature of these cities like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Chicago and New York City. It is another feature of life under “white supremacy.”

Note: In reality, these cities are notable for their large concentrations of woke professionals or what has been called the gentry liberal class. This upside down world where police are demonized and criminals are glorified or where White people are demonized for crushing minorities under the heel of systematic racism while the same minorities are relentlessly coddled in real life is a feature of their dominance. The same is true of Antifa who are usually the downwardly mobile spawn of these people.

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  1. Go door to door in black neighborhoods and confiscate the guns in the hands of blacks. Simple enough.

  2. “White women in Washington who have been raped and mugged on the streets in broad daylight have experienced the most revolting sort of violation of their civil rights. The hundreds of others who had their purses snatched last year by [Black] hoodlums may understandably insist that their right to walk the street unmolested was violated.”
    — Jesse Helms

  3. This is nothing new. In Detroit in the 80’s I couldn’t fathom how extremely violent black crimes against whites were dismissed sometimes with just probation. I didn’t yet understand name suffixes like -stein, -burg and -blat yet.

  4. I’m sure chief dark face is referring to violent White criminals. Calling out his own could cause riots.

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