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  1. Don’t worry. The Elites are LETTING the poor and the coloureds act up now, and after they’ve gone “too far” and revealed themselves,there will be a hard crackdown. Capitalism only pretends to be soft and weak, when it really has no mercy.

  2. “I can’t put my finger on it …”

    Denver, like so many other cities in the Southwest, is now a Mexican City governed by White Yankees, aspiring to be like Boston, New York, or Chicago, and pretending that they’re not really in the much hated “flyover country.”

    Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco were settled by Yankees, who came by ship from New England.

    Where you have Yankees, you have endless social revolutions and Jews trying to exploit it for both power and profit. The two go hand in hand, in ‘America®.”

    If we got rid of the States that went to war against Dixie, we’d be rid of 90+% of the Jews, and most of our socio-political problems would disappear, or be within realistic reach of a solution. The ancients were on to something when they wanted to severe their connections with the Yankees/Puritans/Quakers.

  3. The wrong things involved when people blame “the jooz” is that then they are putting the life of little sheila roseberg, down the road, at risk, when the clintons, bushes, cuomos, pelosis, bidens, mcconnells, and all the rest get off scot-free.

    The real problem is those who follow the bidding of the Davos crowd — which involves all kinds (the Davos crowd), including people like DeCaprio, Macron and Merkel, Xi, Trudeau, Cloony, media moguls like Bezos, and all the rest. No Jewish blood at all, but they’re planning it to be all over by 2030.

    When we fight the wrong enemy, persecuting by group instead of by deed, the innocent pay and the guilty go free.

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