Andrew Sullivan: Provincetown Isn’t Our Future

Sully lives in Provincetown and is saying that the panic over the Delta variant is nothing but media driven hysteria and sloppy “journalism.” The “science” also isn’t what it used to be.

Daily Mail:

“A famed conservative columnist who lives at the epicenter of the United States’ latest Delta COVID cluster said of the virus ‘Let it rip’ after seeing how mild his vaccinated friends’ symptoms were. 

Writer Andrew Sullivan says the COVID-19 outbreak in Provincetown, Massachusetts, that infected around 900 people and triggered CDC‘s mask U-turn was sparked by wild July 4 indoor parties following Pride Week. 

This outbreak was behind the CDC’s sudden backpedal on mask recommendations for vaccinated Americans to wear masks in indoor places in COVID hot spots.  

But now Sullivan says first-hand experience of his friends’ illnesses showed that the Indian Delta variant poses little risk to vaccinated people – and called for restrictions to be lifted once and for all. …

Sullivan said many had just come from Pride parties in New York City and packed into bars and dance clubs. 

One of the bars is like a ‘dang dungeon where sweat drips from the ceiling and mold reaches up the walls,’ Sullivan said. 

‘It might have been designed for viral transmission,’ he added.  …”

In related news, Axios is backpeddling on the Delta variant panic.


“Of the 164 million vaccinated Americans, less than 0.1% have been infected with the coronavirus, and 0.001% have died, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. …”

BTW, the unvaccinated skew young, working class and non-White. It is not merely Trump supporting anti-vaxxers in Red States who aren’t bothering to get vaccinated. Most people under the age of 40 understand that COVID isn’t really a health threat to them.

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  1. “Famed conservative”
    “Just got back from celebrating Pride in New York in dungeon basements”
    Checks out

  2. I am telling you vaccinations are going to be required to collect food stamps and medicaid, it is going to be good to see how blacks react.

    • They won’t even force blacks to obey the law. Blacks can commit crimes and get away with it. They aren’t going to force them to get vaccines. There would be lawsuits and race card roulette.

    • A blind eye will be turned to blacks. Also a lot of white people who do catch it now will begin to resent Joe Biden for all this.

    • Robert Browning

      JULY 31, 2021 AT 4:41 PM

      “I am telling you vaccinations are going to be required to collect food stamps and medicaid, it is going to be good to see how blacks react.”

      It’s precisely because Blacks will be harmed, that many of these “mark of the beast,” totalitarian schemes founder, or will never go beyond the drawing board. The oligarchs can’t make it obvious that these schemes are targeted at Whites, by exempting Blacks and some others, either. That might trigger a revolt of the peasantry and plebians.

      In a strange way, Blacks are protecting what little freedom and rights we have left. But woe unto all of us, when they finally throw the Niggers under the bus.

  3. I was recently in Provincetown on my way to see the tip of Cape Cod and happened to notice it was full of fags. Did some reading after and saw it’s been a huge gay destination with several nightclubs since the ‘40s. Go figure.

    • As is Austin, Texas and Eureka Spings Arkansas. In fact, Eureka Spings has “Diversity Fest” four times a year (since once a year is not enough) and the LGBT community descends en mass on the village that is nicknamed the Switzerland of the Ozarks. It also the same town that has a Passion Play every year modeled on the original one in Germany so apparently light and darkness can coincide. (As the Bible says what union has light with darkness?) Apparently the United States.

  4. COVID is one of the lesser medical health hazards for the so called “pride” constituency. After all, it’s the rainbowflag-people who made USA number one regarding STD-cases per capita in the OECD-countries.

  5. “….the COVID-19 outbreak in Provincetown, Massachusetts, that infected around 900 people and triggered CDC‘s mask U-turn was sparked by wild July 4 indoor parties following Pride Week. ”

    Well, DUH. What the Eff did you think, with FAG FAUCI in control? Because of him, ALL blood supplies in the entire USA are HIV tainted- and have been for over 20 years!

    His [Fauci’s] desire to KILL the HETS, and the Christians, and the Conservatives (heartland/Trump’s America) comes from his former ‘research models’ – gay bathhouse occupants, with their shit immune systems!

    Read this article, and listen to this 9 minute video, and tell me that Falsie Fauci isn’t in bed (figuratively) with Gates and his GENOCIDE AGENDA!?!?!

    Remember this quote, when your friends, and family who took the PRICK, start to die in the next two years- conveniently allowing for ‘plausible deniability’ from the Pharma that made these poison cocktails!

    “If we do a good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%. Only a genocide can save the world”.
    That’s right ….Bill Gates.

    May GOD DAMN all of these assholes.

    • I will NOT click on that link to the Roman Catholic conspiracy theory site and give it a view. But I can see in the link address that she calls vaccination “The Clot Shot.” Spreading the “Christian” Doctor Charlie lie. What rank stupidity.

        • He is a mere general practitioner, and a quack in the dictionary sense of “one who pretends to have medical knowledge and skill he does not possess.” He is no virologist or epidemiologist, unqualified, and on top of that, he is wrong. He should lose his license and has already been disciplined, but doubles down on his fraud using “Christianity” as cover deceiving many easily-deceived Christians.

  6. We have been told for decades that Provincetown is surprisingly peaceful between its large gay population and the Italian and Portuguese commercial fishermen who live there, the ones who do something for a living. I was always sceptical that there were any of those fishermen, I thought they were just invented for the hack journalists to provide “balance” or something. When was the last time a trawler ventured out from Ptown? 1970? I would be glad to be proved wrong.

  7. Yes of course it’s mild for the vaccinated, but it’s a little MORE virulent than SARS CoV-2 “Original” for the un-vaccinated.

    Someone I know said “I’m so sick of these people who still refuse to be vaccinated. Let them die. They can just die, as far as I’m concerned.”

    • I won’t tell my profession, but I’ve only met one person who knew someone who died, and they already were dying of cancer.

      I met one person who had it, said it was like a cold.

  8. Just get vaccinated

    Don t go to Pride dungeon parties in New York City

    If you do or don t

    Wash with soap

    Life isn t complicated

    • You mean, “Just conform”. The vaccine is not FDA approved, as it has not had enough trials yet.
      There’s a lot of people coming down with heart problems, pneumonia, enlarged lymph nodes, and blood clots from it. That’s not made up. The doctors see it and recognize it.

  9. Re: “the Delta variant is nothing but media driven hysteria”:

    How about media-driven (including far right alternatiive media driven) confusion. The confusion serves a purpose.

    Delta, coming as a gift to the world from capitalist INDIA with its one-and-a-half-BILLION-strong “herd” – that allows Covid to spread freely, become endemic, mutate and adapt, gaining more and more “function” – is an amazing development in the history of human disease, more transmissible than almost any other common disease in human history, exceeded only by measles.

  10. Flu cases during the flu seasons (i.e., October 1 to April 1).

    Source: CDC


    2014-2015_______30,000,000 cases







    • Of COURSE influenza cases declined – the logical result of even the very limited and haphazard lockdown, masking and other hygienic protocols for Covid. Now look at the death statistics for 2020, and you see a sudden increase over recent years of about 500,000 additional deaths. Now what could have caused all those excess deaths? Realize that the Anti-vaxx “Plandemic” conspiracy theory industry has been lying to you!

      • Delayed boomer die off. They had a good run between 2008-2020 and suddenly the boomers were removed. They are not excess deaths, the bill for a great run of lowered mortality rates for the aged just came due.

    • China was also having a very bad flu season in the beginning of the winter of 2019-2020, which is one reason (besides their experience of original SARS) that perfectionist Chinese doctors were so hyper-vigilant that they were the first to discover Covid, which had been circulating six months earlier in Europe and the U.S. unrecognized. China’s REAL, consistent lockdown and other safety protocols completely crushed the flu in China, as well as eradicating Covid within the nation’s territory. Unlike the U.S., that has one of the world’s worst outcomes with Covid (exceeded only by capitalist India, capitalist Indonesia and capitalist Brazil) China did not have a large increase in annual deaths in 2020.

      The Anti-vaxx “Plandemic” conspiracy theory industry has deluded you, made you believe there is no pandemic, so you will keep working and shopping and serving the elites as usual, and not notice that the “herd” is being thinned around you. Recognize that the elites don’t love the herd, though they “eat” the herd.

    • In the first case many years from now, much longer than without it; in the latter case probably instantly.

  11. It’s the blacks and latins that are holding up a mandatory vaxx imposition. And the govt doesn’t have to do it, the corporations will in our fascist USA. Well at least the companies where white people work. Not Amazon.

    • I see an acceleration of voluntary vaccination among Blacks and Hispanics who are catching up to Caucasians, and most Asian ethnicities in the U.S. were always ahead. The only part of the population that REALLY lags behind and resists now is the very easily-deluded Fox News and My Pillow ad target audience.

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