Tucker Carlson: Homeless Camps Are Popping Up In Liberal Cities

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t already watched this, please do so.

I’ve been growing curious about this.

Why do you see so many homeless people and tent cities sprouting up like mushrooms in progressive cities? Why is violent crime spiraling out of control in those cities? Why do the streets smell like urine and feces? Why do you see mobs sacking police precincts and laying siege to courthouses and so many viral videos of shoplifting out on the West Coast? Why are San Francisco, Portland and Seattle going down the drain? It seems like something is going on out there. This is clearly a pattern. It is also on display in other cities like Chicago, Minneapolis and DC where police chiefs have the same complaints.

I spent about two and a half hours last night watching those two documentaries on why this is happening in Seattle. The upshot is that it is all due to a grand progressive experiment in social justice. The root cause is a large homeless population that is addicted to drugs. These cities have enacted policies which attract and cultivate homeless people from other areas. They give them tents and allow them to set up anywhere they want. Hard drugs like heroin have been decriminalized. They steal to feed their addictions. Meanwhile, property crime is being decriminalized because looting is a human right. Civility offenses have ceased to be enforced. The criminal justice system is being allowed to collapse and violent criminals are arrested only to be released back into the streets where they prey on more people. Judges who enforce the law and hand down standard sentences are being hounded into retirement.

The White man’s civilization is maintained by systematic racism and “white supremacy.” So, that civilization is evil and has to be dismantled to achieve the perfection reached in South Africa.

Note: The same enfeebled state which is incapable of enforcing basic civil offenses is also simultaneously capable of exercising tyrannical power against ideological dissenters and draconian COVID restrictions on normal people. It is a world that has been turned upside down.

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  1. You would think these dirty unsanitized people with fleas and mites would be the 1st to get “covid” but they seem to to endure. Hmmm!

  2. It all starts with libtards tying the police’s hands. They can’t do anything about theft up to $950, public defecation, public drug usage and several other offenses. When you have libtard DA and Mayor like all of these places, it’s “treason from within.” No way to survive it unless someone starts voting from the rooftops.

  3. Your argument that liberalism causes homeless camping is sophistry. The homeless appear in greatest concentration in such places because they can expect to find food and shelter, medical care (perhaps), access to alcohol and other addictive drugs, and public transportation. The capitalist system itself, not the fake left, progressive version of it, is the real cause of homelessness and many other evils. Of course liberalism is not the solution to the problem.

  4. Hard to see how capitalism is the problem, when — in just a short drive into town (15 minutes?) — we see 6-7 “now hiring” signs

    Naw, it’s because little things are not stigmatized/criminalized anymore. We used to have “no loitering laws,” and the streets were spotless, and belonged to the people. Now selfish lay-abouts throw mattresses and bags of junk down and claim it as their “camp” and nobody can use it.

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