David Sacks: Get Ready For The “No Buy” List

Get ready for a No Buy List?

The ADL and SPLC have been censoring the internet and expanding the No Buy List since 2017. Jewish gatekeepers have been doing this for years now.

Bari Weiss:

“When I helped create PayPal in 1999, it was in furtherance of a revolutionary idea. No longer would ordinary people be dependent on large financial institutions to start a business. 

Our democratized payment system caught fire and grew exponentially with millions of users who appreciated its ease and simplicity. Traditional banks were too slow and bureaucratic to adapt. Instead, the revolution we spawned two decades ago inspired new startups like Ally, Chime, Square, and Stripe, which have further expanded participation in the financial system. 

But now PayPal is turning its back on its original mission. It is now leading the charge to restrict participation by those it deems unworthy. …

Now PayPal has gone much further, creating the economic equivalent of the No-Fly List with the ADL’s assistance. If history is any guide, other fintech companies will soon follow suit. As we saw in the case of speech restrictions, the political monoculture that prevails among employees of these companies will create pressure for all of them to act as a bloc. …

Trump is gone, but the resentments he exploited to come to power remain. And now we have this unholy alliance of tech and government coming together to ban “misinformation” and “hate,” which they — and they alone — get to define. What an ideal formula for spreading and deepening these preexisting resentments.

If we continue down this path, a far more dangerous demagogue could emerge. I implore my successors at PayPal and other Big Tech companies to stop throwing kindling on the fires of populism by locking people out of the online public square and the modern web-based economy. Silenced voices and empty stomachs are fuel for the very extremism you claim to oppose. 

If you really believe our democracy barely survived a stress test these last several years, and don’t wish to subject it to another, the last thing you should do is create hordes of desperate people, denied a voice and livelihood, and primed to be rallied to a future autocrat’s cause.”

Occidental Dissent was banned from PayPal in May 2017.

We’ve been banned from almost everything else too: Stripe, Square, Google Pay, Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In some cases, we have been banned from platforms which we never used for anything like YouTube. I used YouTube solely to watch food, history and science channels.

The costs of deplatforming fall on individual content creators who are only the tip of the iceberg. It is true that MILO collapsed after he was deplatformed. The same is true of lots of individual content creators. If I was deplatformed from the internet tomorrow, it would be bad for me personally, but it wouldn’t have much impact on the cause that I represent which is growing in strength. It wouldn’t change anyone’s mind or “deracialize” anyone. Instead, it would much more likely reaffirm the convictions of my audience. Who can deny that Jews are censoring the internet when they openly boast about doing so?

Donald Trump is no longer the president. None of the grievances which Trump represented have gone away though. In fact, we are far stronger now in terms of numbers than when Trump was president. The turning point was the George Floyd riots, the rollout of systematic racism by the political establishment and Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election. Millions of people started waking up a year ago.

I’ve been banned from PayPal, but far more people see the world the way that I do than was the case when I was banned. It also forced our people to get into Bitcoin. It was worth it. I prefer our supporters to use the P.O. Box anyway for privacy and security reasons because the Jews who control PayPal are using it to collect data on “extremists” which they are sharing with the government and other NGOs.

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  1. When folks can’t buy groceries, or pay their utility bills. Or are rendered homeless, guess who’s hide it’s gonna come out of?

    Then the Mossad will retaliate with biological weapons.

    Keep in mind that for the special (K) folks, it’s better that a thousand, or even a million perish, than perish the whole race.

  2. Back in the distant past you needed Paypal to buy on Ebay. Ebay started direct payments a few years ago. Get rid of Paypal. I actually bought my last car with Paypal but I would do direct transfer if I did it again. Cash, burner cards whatever boycott Paypal.

    • KT-88

      Years ago, my bank refused to process PayPal transactions. Even then, I knew it was a Jewish scam.

  3. It’s only a matter of time before podcasting hosting services begin broad-scale de-platforming dissident podcasts. It’s already happened on a few occasions and it will be the same with any centralized video streaming service.

    Before too long we will have to deploy torrent technology so that the consumers of that content be serve as the “hosting” provider by seeding the content. For audio content the best option would be to incorporate torrent capabilities into a podcasting app. My preferred torrent client, qbittorrent, has the ability to subscribe to rss feeds. When a webmaster posts a torrent on a rss feed to which I subscribe my torrent client detects it and posts it in the available torrent tab. It’s there for me to decide whether I want to download it or not. Podcasting apps should be able to do the same thing. That way the content creator need only post a torrent file on the rss feed in a blog post. I can easily imagine that supporters of the content would download the media files via torrent and continue to seed the content.

    Alternatively, for video content popcorntime would probably be the best way to go. So long as enough people are seeding the content it can be streamed. Popcorntime is open-source software. If it can’t be deployed by us out right for the distribution of content, it could be forked.

    So long as content creators can maintain a webpage without being deplatformed from it then our content creators can continue to distribute their content without fear of censorship.

  4. For activist groups, ADL, SPLC, etc to have access to private financial information of citizens is a crime. Both those who gave them this information and these activist groups themselves should be shut down with those responsible sent to prison for many decades.

  5. Deplatforming may not have worked in the sense that it deradicalized or deracialized anyone in the Movement, but it did have what I suspect was its intended consequence: Stop the momentum we were building in 2015-2016 and make it much less likely for new converts to join.

    In an alternate universe where deplatforming never happens and something like the “Stormer Troll Army” – among dozens of other subgroups – are allowed to operate with impunity, I think what would have happened by now is this: The internet would be carved up into warring cyber gangs, each controlling and enforcing its own turf, with occasional raids into enemy spaces for lulz.

    Each of the social media companies would have its own character. Facebook would be Normiewaffen, Tumblr would be a Lefty Bath House, and Twitter might very well have lost most of its Blue Checkmarks as all the famous people flee from the inevitable troll armies and the place becomes Stormfront with 240 characters.

    The most interesting battlefront would be Youtube, where its algorithm would have had the effect of putting Right Wing videos on everyone’s homepage who so much as searches for “change my mind.” One day you’re looking at a Pewdiepie stream, the next day, inspirational Hitler videos are on your recommended feed. (That literally happened to me back in 2015. Found lots of great channels). Lefties would have had their own echochamber as well, but lets be real: Right Wing and Alt Right videomakers would be more popular, if nothing else because they are actually entertaining whereas Culturally Leftist videos are generally academic and boring.

    The goal wasn’t to “stop” us, per say, it was to prevent us from growing into a genuine counter culture. In that regard, deplatforming worked. Now the question is whether they can contain it indefinitely as their own credibility collapses and polarization intensifies. Not gonna be easy for them to do so.

  6. Paypal has always been a scam, even before being politicized. They would just hold people’s money and refuse to allow them to withdraw it for no reason.

  7. The jews controlling every monetary institution, the media, politicians, etc. is an “antisemitic” trope, there is no truth to it.

  8. The Jew censoring, it is all in preparation for the second coming of Christ. Christ must not be allowed to speak a single word.

  9. We need to form The SCLC ( SOUTHERN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CENTER ), to sue ADL, SPLC and any scummy freaks who dare attempt to deplatform ANY white southerner. It’s criminal under RICO among other laws AND multiple civil violations.

  10. It is true that MILO collapsed after he was deplatformed.

    That’s a trope into which I don’t completely buy. Milo was much more his own worst enemy, and his act had a short shelf life.

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