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Why do so many people hate the Bobos?

Maybe it is because this social class fosters relentless Weimar-level cultural decline? It is not a lack of money that causes scenes like this in San Francisco, Seattle and Philadelphia. Poverty doesn’t do this. It is perverse cultural standards. The very same people who subsidize and tolerate shit like this want to roll out a police state on the internet to crackdown on anyone who draws attention to this.

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  1. White Americans did two things wrong in all their history:- they didn’t pick the cotton themselves, and didn’t build the wall. It pains me to think where America could have been by now had your forefathers thought ahead a little more.

    • I just read a stat that 67% of slave owners were Jews. Seeing that they still practice slavery in Israel I tend to believe it. I also suspect more than 67% of slave merchants were Jews. I would put that at 100% as they tend to monopolize any business they engage in just by instinct.

  2. @ looks like it could be south Africa or Haiti or Detroit or Chicago or Memphis or Atlanta or Portland or Minneapolis or Camden or Gary or Patterson or flint or Philadelphia or the Bronx or new Orleans or Kingston, they all look the same.

    • “Seattle has been flooded with Somalis”…

      BECAUSE Somalia is flooded with U.S. bombs, U.S. special forces and private contractors, and U.S.-trained and funded ‘Lightning” local proxy forces, which is…

      because Somalia is a very militarily strategic location for U.S. imperialism, and it has huge untapped natural gas reserves and up to one billion barrels of untapped oil, and many other mineral resources in reserve, and fifteen million potentially successful people who cannot be allowed to rise.

      • Just what we need: 15 million 70 IQ doctors and engineers. I’m sure it’s whitey’s fault Somalia doesn’t have a space program too.

      • The US Empire is not required to import hordes of Somalians in order to use Somalia as a strategic base. They are bringing them here because the US government is controlled by malignant kikes.

  3. People would not be surprised if they got around more. Yankees, north Yankees and west Yankees, are only recently getting enriched. I have seen this particular outdoor copulation thing ( what liberals call “sex”) in many cities of America, as I drive my truck through the jogger sections of town. Get used to it, Yankees. You made the soup, now you drink it.

  4. Would you call any of these women Bobos? I think Clare Daly, at least, does not deserve the insult.

  5. What are the two freaks on either side of the top image doing? They look like they’re demon possessed or something. Fuck, I wouldn’t walk through there minus some weaponry just in case.

    • They call it “dipping” when they lean over and nod like that. Apparently it’s related to the constant drug intoxication, it’s a common sight.

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