Jimmy Dore: Americans Desperate For A New Political Party

I’m on Jimmy Dore’s side in this.

Jimmy is a “blackpiller” like me who hates the Democrats as much as I hate the Republicans and for pretty much the same reasons. He sounds like this website in the Trump era.

The Democratic Party is controlled by BoBos or shitlibs who make big economic promises but who deliver nothing but their toxic cultural agenda when in power. The reverse is true with the Republicans who exploit working class cultural grievances but who deliver nothing but their toxic economic agenda when in power. The effective result of every election is that PMCs always win.

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  1. There is no salvation with the Republican Party, they just stab in the back their supporters every time for the benefit of the Party’s owners. They have conserved nothing over the last 100 years and they have no intention of ever conserving anything. They intend to loot the carcass of the U.S. after the country collapses just like the Usual Suspects did after the USSR collapsed.

    This time they will flee to China and the cycle will repeat unless the Chinese have an ounce of wisdom to not let them get a foot in the door in the first place. The Chinese are thoroughly corrupt and great admirers of the Usual Suspects however. China is rising while the West in general and the U.S. in particular are declining rapidly so China is the next likely target until the Usual Suspects wear out their welcome again.



    • I think 80 years would be more accurate. 100 years ago, Harding was president and was followed by Coolidge. They signed the 1921 and 1924 immigration acts which preserved the US as a white Country. Since them, the Repubs have been basically worthless.

      • Good point, 80 years is correct. Henry Cabot Lodge, (R. Mass.) was opposed to the League of Nations Treaty and instrumental in preventing its ratification. He wanted to preserve American sovereignty and freedom of action and not be tied to other countries’ troubles.

        Sen. Lodge also was a big proponent of immigration restriction well before the 1924 treaty. His record on foreign intervention was not so good giving him a mixed record overall but still excellent on immigration, the most important issue. He was from the same period in history. Today he would be called (correctly) a ‘White Supremacist’.

  2. I’m trying to get HW to form the White American Southern Secessionist Unity Party, or WASSUP for short.

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