Breaking Points: Media Ignores Bombshell New Lab Leak Evidence

Editor’s Note: I’m sure anonymous will have a response in the comments. Even if this were true, it doesn’t rule out the CIA destabilization op theory.

So, the latest news is that all of these athletes who attended the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan in October 2019 were infected with COVID and got sick on the way home and have COVID antibodies. Some of them also got temperature checks at the Wuhan airport that fall.

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  1. Why is this a “bombshell” NOW? Many people knew ALL of this way back in the spring of 2020! I commented here several times in the spring and summer of 2020 that the U.S. team performed very poorly, and that some were sick and had to go home early with an unspecified illness, and that the very hotel floor where the U.S. athletes were staying was more associated with early Chinese infections than the Wuhan farmers’ market. And before the games, in the summer of 2019, a mysterious pneumona with the “broken glass” lung scan signature of Covid began to appear among the elderly in nursing homes, and also in some younger people (“vaping pneumonia”) spreading out from the vicinity of the U.S.biological research facility in Fort Detrick, Maryland, that had recently been closed for unspecified violation of bio-security safety protocol. Furthermore, genetic tests of 2019 blood bank donations and sewage samples from various cities have proven that the disease was present in the U.S. and in some European countries (Italy, Spain and France, at least) BEFORE the games in 2019. Hence the Chinese people’s suspicion (never stated by officials but generally believed by the people) that the U.S. brought SARS CoV-2 to Wuhan, possibly releasing it as a bioweapon under the cover of presence at the world military games, as part of its hybrid war against China.

    However I have been fully convinced by solid genetic evidence that the virus is natural, NOT a bioweapon or lab creation. Everything else is a string of coincidences that prove nothing.

    • Having HIV and ebola sequences is coincidental? Coronavirus was synthesized in a lab almost 20 years ago. The temptation for Shlomo to use it as a bioweapon would be irresistible. Your other analysis seems solid,

      • His “discovery” of “HIV and Ebola insertions” (crazy as his “discovery” of electromagnetic DNA waves in line with homeopathy) is easily disproven by genetic analysis. He must have been “exaggerating” (lying) or he might be starting senile dementia.

        What evidence do you have that “SARS CoV-2 was synthethized in a lab almost 20 years ago”?

        Circumstantial evidence, coincidences and possibilities, do not trump indisputable genetic evidence.

        • It’s worth noting that the oldest known strains of the disease were much less infectious/transmissible than some subsequent mutations, and Delta has made a huge leap of infectiousness. If instead of a much older, weaker strain, the athletes had Delta instead, imagine the number they could have infected while shopping in the Wuhan farmers’ market.

    • If the entire military team there was infected, that would be pretty strong evidence that the USA spread it. And from a political perspective, if it were intentional, it would make a lot more sense for the USA to have done it in an attempt to harm China.

      Unfortunately, if that is the case, we will never know for sure unless there is a whistleblower. Even then, I doubt the American regime would be stupid enough to leave hard evidence of such a monumental crime, so it would only be the whistleblower’s word.

  2. Re: “Some of them also got temperature checks at the Wuhan airport that fall”:

    China was being extra-vigilant in the midst of a major epidemic of influenza, which died out after the implementation of extremely strict hygiene for Covid. Their monitoring of the spread of influenza, and their alertness for return of the original SARS, and Chinese perfectionism are three reasons why they were the first to discover the disease.

    • The Chinese would eat an extraterrestrial annelid without a second thought.

      Nasty race of sociopaths that have no inner voice.

  3. Get ready for more enrichment than just Corona as a gift from the Chinese, what about monkeypox? We dodged a bullet with that “gift” from the beautiful, vibrant, clean nation of Nigeria. A few years ago it was Ebola back when BHO was president. I wouldn’t be surprised if smallpox comes to visit the way the borders are wide open and the U.S. Government invites the world in.

    Supposedly smallpox has been eradicated but who can trust these lying, incompetent, corrupt bastards?

    • All recent polio cases were from the vaccine “gaining function”. I believe small pox has already been synthesized in a lab so probably a matter of time before it gets some enhancement and is released.

  4. The Saker, for one, has HAD it with Covid deniers. On his blog today: “All COVID-denying, COVID-minimizing or “plandemic”, “chipping” or anti-vaxxing propaganda is banned from this site (…) I have shown tremendous patience with these people, I even gave them three totally unmoderated threads to use and abuse, and abuse they sure did. From now on, any more of that crap will result in an immediate ban. Yes, I am angry and disgusted with this ‘plandemic’ cult and I want none of that on my blog (…) Two of my good friends almost died from this disease. Not only that, but I have been facing a tsunami of insults, scorn and totally insane theories. One guy emailed me to warn me that since he got the Moderna ‘virus’ his cellphone now offers him to ‘connect to Moderna’ by Bluetooth. Seriously, I am not joking. Others warned me that the vaccines contain microchips which, if I reject the vaccine, will be delivered by means of ‘chemtrails.’ Even my fellow Orthodox Christians have gone mad, one of them calls masks ‘iconoclastic’! And these are just a few examples. I get that crap almost on a daily basis. This anti-COVID cult makes Scientologists and Morons look quite demure in their conversion efforts”:

  5. Fauci has admitted the spike protein does not exist in nature and was created in a North Carolina laboratory. $660,000 is not enough to do gain of function research. It is not enough. And that was the amount granted to Wuhan.

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