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  1. Soooo, CNN is trying to steam clean the horrible Bill Gates like the sidewalks of SF are getting steam cleaned? It’s easier to steam clean six inches of crud from the streets of SF than to clean up filthy Bill Gates and his evil oligarch friends.

  2. The ghouls have to throw one of their fellow ghouls to be ripped apart by wolves once in a while to show all the other ghouls how ultimately disposable and powerless they really are.

  3. Meh. I think the Gates are getting a divorce to hide financial assets.

    I believe, even though the Gates and other investors/developers of the so-called Covid-19 vaccines used the scamdemic “emergency” to indemnify themselves against any lawsuits, too much is leaking out, like the maker of the Pfizer vaccine being blocked from going to Israel, because he never took the vaccines himself.

    He unselfishly decided to wait until all the more vulnerable populations had been treated first. Shyeah, right, if that snake oil he’s peddling had been any good, he’d have been at the front of the line, shoving frail old ladies out of the way to get the shot.

    Faucci’s role in setting up a “gain of function” virus in Wuhan which leaked out and quickly spread all over the world and then all these “vaccines” being made available less than a year later (like they had been developed ten years ago and were just waiting for a plannedemic to be forced on the world population) was revealed too soon.

    Now it looks like the so-called vaccines themselves are super-spreaders and the viruses the are spreading are so much more lethal.

    The tip-off to how bad these things truly are is when Trump finally gets the credit he’s been angling for to get them out ahead of animal testing. Trump will be the scapegoat. Katie, bar the door when CNN, MSM and the rest of the media start referring to them as the Trump Vaccines.

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