Tucker Carlson: Why Can’t We Have This In America?

Viktor Orbán isn’t a “fascist.”

He isn’t an “authoritarian” either.

It isn’t “fascism” or “authoritarianism” to expect things from the state like equal justice or an orderly immigration system or that the laws will be enforced. What has changed is America’s woke professional class and the fact that we are rapidly becoming a Third World country.

As recently as 2005, most Democrats believed in enforcing immigration laws and took pride in the decline of violent crime and believed that sex was biological and not a matter of personal choice. The same is true of national identity and concepts like the national interest. The Founding Fathers weren’t held in contempt. The existence of “white supremacy” and systematic racism and the twenty thousand new genders and pronouns hadn’t been discovered yet. There was also still free speech on the internet. The list of things which are “racist” and “fascist” like gigantic boulders has grown.

Look at how much Portland, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, San Francisco and other cities have changed since 2000. It is not merely due to immigration. Things which were uncontroversial 10 to 15 years ago have become “extremism.”

Note: Kevin Drum showed how must the Left has changed last month.

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  1. I am Tucker and Orbans biggest critic but this was fantastic up until it got to the “Biden bad. It is Biden’s fault” and the “Catholic charity” bullshit. I looked at the heads of the “Catholic Legal Immigration network” charity and found there wasn’t a single Catholic or Christian to be found in the board of five. Bronstein, Edelstein, Shreiber, Nagar, Edelman. No OBriens or Smiths.

    A good segment which will be lost on the majority of the Fox audience.

    • Jews and papists are essentially identical. The reason all rcc orgs are run by Jews is because the rcc wants them to be run by Jews.

    • Are you Danny Dinardo’s mother? LOL. I know, those Catholic Cardinals and Bishops who are sponsoring and funding immigration & illegal aliens really are not Roman Catholics. LOL. Neither is the Pope, right. LOL.

    • ““Catholic Legal Immigration network” charity and found there wasn’t a single Catholic or Christian to be found in the board of five. Bronstein, Edelstein, Shreiber, Nagar, Edelman. ”

      WOW !

  2. We could have what Hungry and Poland have but you have to have a leader with balls that’s not afraid of being called bad names. We need a fascist leader that is willing to lock up the woke politicians, organizations and corporations that go against nationalizing the nation once again. He could start with the adl, splc, etc. It would be glorious to see but it will never happen.

    • You need a fascist population. There will be never a lion who want to save sheeple. This is the reason why Trump is important. There will be no next fool who get his life ruined for only to lose because he failed to fulfill sheeple wettest dreams.

      In Hungary and in all Eastern Europe, resistance is on the grass root level. We rout out communism in schools, in workplaces, in public room, in internet and everywhere. Our leaders are just cherry in the top.

      Not a single general can`t fight without army. Powerful leaders are good but when your workmate says that homosexuality is normal, few immigrants is no problem or plastic bags should be restricted, then it is your job to get this creature fired.

      This is also the reason why in the Eastern Europe are so few nationalist events. Torchlight parades are cool but this does not hurt communists. When someone standing on the street with banner, communist just ignore. Active measures are needed to harm communists. Getting them fired, getting them into problems, ruining their lives and bullying them out of country.

      Same with Jews. Orban talking everywhere how much he loves Jews but by converting all loans to forints and changing loan regulations in general, he gave the worst blow to Hungarian Jewry income sources since WW II and forced a lot of them out.

      Grass root level is the key for resistance. Leader can not go after every bus driver or school teacher or plumber in the small rural town in the middle of nowhere. Locals must illiberalize their living areas and rout out those people.

      • Re: “Active measures are needed to harm communists. Getting them fired, getting them into problems, ruining their lives and bullying them”:

        You confuse socialism/communism with usury, Talmudism and multiculturalism.

        Real socialism/communism has already been suppressed, and almost exterminated in Hungary and most other European states. See the list of nothing-but-capitalist/fascist parties that Hungarian voters get to choose from in their “democratic” (s)elections:


        Hungarians have not forgotten but have also not understood the four-month-long Jewish, TROTSKYIST, distraction adventure of 1919, that tried to distract Russia from fighting the anti-communist forces in Russia at the most crucial tipping point of the Civil War, which would certainly have overstretched and caused the fall of Russian communism. The Jewish fake-“Hungarian” fake-Soviet republic also made possible and is blamed for the dismemberment of post-war Hungary by neighboring states.

        • “””…Real socialism/communism has already been suppressed…””

          What we see right now is the real communism. Genetically mad whites running amok.

          Leave those Jews alone. When you say the forbidden word, then Jew will not fire you. Your beloved 100% white Arian race Karen is who will scream and complain and get you fired.

          How the Jews entered into our countries in the first place ? The right answer is that liberal communist whites let them in and screamed and shamed all opponents into silence. Jews were the first diversity.

  3. The USA is just a garbage dump. It seems lately that the only people who like America are Indians who moved here a few years ago. It will be interesting in the future if Whites fully turn against the American empire and the only flag waving patriots remaining are brown 1st-3rd gen immigrants. I could see that happening.

    • @Dart,
      Never feel as if you’re alone with these dynamics. Americas situation is being replicated EVERYWHERE in the West. We all know who is causing it. There are some white enclaves that are too small or remote for diversities to bother about(such as the Faeroe Islands 1000miles from nowhere) but every white nation that matters, is under threat. I’ve warned my children decades in advance that by the time they’re old, they could be a minority, and their way of life under threat. Little will change initially, and the changes will be gradual, thus difficult to notice.
      Being ruled over by those who are not only of low IQ, but hate us as well, is going to be a tough gig.

      • You would think the Faeroes to be pristine, but no. The men are bringing in Asian wives because the White women leave the island.

        • “the White women leave the island”:

          No doubt hoping to pursue lucrative capitalist careers and live the cosmopolitan lifestyle that they see on TV, and because they believe in the “virtue” of selfishness.

        • @Powell,
          Unfortunately, you’re correct. Maybe the Shetland islands? But it further proves my point:- we’re under threat virtually everywhere we are.

      • I don’t really consider Europe to be separate from the USA. Europe is just East America, and is also a worthless garbage dump.

  4. We can’t have it, because here is where all the Jews went. They are here. That is why we can’t have it.

  5. Hungary has the benefit of having almost ZERO Sub-Saharan genetic conflict to deal with.

    Meanwhile, the States are a melting turd of diversity dysfunction, multicultural hell and a fracturing into hostile and volatile ethnic enclaves.

    The States could only rise above by having a dominate European Culture, but alas the fruits of diversity breed strive, conflict and war.

    The once guiding European Command of the Civilization concerning the Rule of Law, Sound Money and Free Markets is diminishing rapidly and will soon be swapped by the Third World and their programmed hatred and loathing of anything Caucasian and European.

    Once Whites are a minority:

    Rule of Law Dies…

    Sound Money Vanishes . . .

    Civilization is Lost,

    >>> and in steps China….. The US will end up being their new Slave Labor Camp…

    Hail Hungary, good luck!

  6. Why? Because America is a f’d up Tower of Babel. If any unashamed Whites remain 100 years from now, they will look back at the history of America as an epic of tragedy for the White race.

  7. Re: “Viktor Orbán isn’t a ‘fascist’ (…) It isn’t ‘fascism” or ‘authoritarianism’ to expect things from the state like equal justice or an orderly immigration system or that the laws will be enforced”:

    Yes the Orban government admittedly does well with controlling immigration, and with providing support for parents having more than one child. However it is typically fascist in building up an unnecessarily large and expensive military for aggressive war while failing to provide adequate public healthcare, housing, education, and many other vital human needs for the Hungarian people. Under Viktor Orban, there is plenty of employment for the poor, which is also typical of fascism, and class becomes more rigid, inequality worsens, year by year. In a broad sense of the term “fascism” (not as narrow as Mussolini’s Fascism) yes he is fascist. Certainly not a real socialist.

  8. Followed this on Greenwald’s twitter. Suddenly the US press focus the eye on Budapest. House size in Budapest, Anti queer laws in Hungary and Fascism in the Plain. Long live Hungary.

  9. The U.S. Government will not be able to field a competent military with its herds of wogs. Right now the officer corps in the U.S. military is still overwhelmingly White and male but that has been rapidly declining over the last decade. Enlisted ranks are now about 40% – 50% colored/female with that number steadily increasing. This is of vast importance in any high tech war in the future.

    The U.S. Government could have fought indefinitely against the Taliban and N. Vietnam without danger of defeat except for the fact that public opinion turned causing the U.S. Government to abandon both wars. The war in Afghanistan was a low tech infantry war with complete U.S. air superiority guaranteeing U.S. victory on the battlefield. This will not translate to victory in a war against China over Taiwan which will be a high tech war involving mostly the U.S. Air Force and Navy.

    The U.S. Government’s policy for decades of running amok in various parts of the world has resulted in a vastly overextended military. Taiwan is about 7,000 miles from the U.S. West Coast and about 100 miles from the Chinese coast giving China a great logistical advantage. China also has the advantage of a unified country giving genuine patriotic support to its government in time of war. Who in the U.S. wants to die for Taiwan is a question the U.S. Government will have to prohibit if the U.S. Government gets in a war over Taiwan.

    China has a modern, high tech, non-diverse military of unknown competence. It’s also unknown how well the U.S. will do in such a war with its diverse, transgender military. There is only one way to find out and a U.S. defeat in the Pacific with China left in possession of Taiwan and the U.S. retreating back to Guam (if it’s still there), Wake Island, Japan and Hawaii would completely discredit the U.S. Government like no other failure has yet.

    Once Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President the odds of China seizing Taiwan increase dramatically. It’s hard to imagine Cackling Kamala going on national TV and successfully calling for national sacrifice between shrieks of laughter as the U.S. military is driven back from Taiwan. The sacrifice Cackling Kamala will be calling for between fits of laughter is White guys fighting President Cackling Kamala’s war.

    That will be the time for White people to give the finger to the U.S. Government just like the U.S. Government has been giving us the finger for about 75 years.

    • @ Babylon will soon fall, the word says it, we must be ready, too step up and lead the people, this is our hope for a new Confederacy, out of the ashes of Babylon, with gods help, we will rise again.

    • I didn’t even know if any Whites remained in France, but I did see a few them on the French Olympic teams.

  10. Tucker: Why can’t we have this in America?

    Answer: Well, you can either have the USA or the Occidental civilization. The former has been the biggest destroyer of the White race since its inception.

    The Potomac bureaucrats have been corrupting the White race from their headquarters for years now.

  11. Matt Yglesias is correct — the idea of America precludes collective identity. Conservatives are more likely than libs to grow up in happy homes; politically we’re like children who love parents who do not love us back. We need to grow up about this place.

    Angela Nagle has a good piece on substack about clownworld. The essay is nominally about Desmond Fennell, an Irish thinker who argued that modernist freedumb has led to an individualist chaos of values and rules which easily transforms into violent social chaos whenever growth halts. Exhibit A: 2020.

    When We Stopped Making Sense

    Richard Spencer on twitter a few months ago mentioned Frederick Jackson Turner and how America is fundamentally a scientific, cultural, commercial, and consumerist frontier. With Macronism on the brain, Spencer leans into this for modernist, Nietzschean reasons — he wants the empire to continue empire-ing itself and for whites to embrace a leadership position. Nagle, lacking Spencer’s naive American optimism, asks, what if the empire just runs out of gas?

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