Liz Cheney Blasts China’s Surveillance State

Do you know what is really breathtaking?

It is the disconnect between how the political establishment views China and the rollout of Joe Biden’s own public-private authoritarian police state in this country. What are they complaining about?

Note: In this country, the same technology and social credit system is being used to repress normal people who want normal things like stability.

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  1. This filth has made it easy for us. Everything they are for, we are against and everything they are against we are for. I just want to be against you Liz Cheney, ever if you say the sky is blue, you are going to get an argument from me.

  2. I guess Liz the diz hasn’t look around the streets of the US where there are cameras on every street corner.

      • An elderly boomer couple were arrested for merely being in the vicinity of an unapproved rally and having their license plate flagged by camera. That was several years ago. I suspect it is much worse now.

  3. Chinese nationalism baaaaaa’aaaad
    Jewish forced multiculturalism and degenerate perversions gooooo’ooooood

  4. That koshervative, nepotistic, lesbian POS won’t condemn the Israeli company NSO for using their Pegasus software to spy on dissidents, journalists, politicians, and any other potential opponents to ZOG-Global.

    She’ll screech into the cameras and microphones about how awful it wold be for Russia, Iran, or China to use the same spy software as Israel and their shabbos goy-allies.”

    China is a red herring to the retardicans and scumocrats. Both know that China and Israel have excellent relations with the latter build Israel a new deep water harbor in Haifa.

  5. The Chinese national social credit system is public knowledge, openly accessible to everyone, all violations of Confucian morality and social order causing negative points are fully explained, and poor social credit can be repaired and any mistakes can be corrected.

    The Capitalist surveillance state does just the opposite: It does not promote social harmony. It is spying, and invisible control, for the benefit of the elite; your capitalist “score” is mostly secret and not correctable!

  6. China’s social credit system incentivizes to visit your parents and not litter or blast music on the train. America’s social credit system will take your livelihood from you if you disagree of the castration of little boys.

  7. The US is the supreme surveillance state. Amazon and PayPal maintain more power than the central government in China alone.

  8. I could be wrong but the Chinks do maintain a meritocratic political system. They don’t like the sons or lwsbian daughters of old power brokers lurking around in the assembly and ministries. They do not have legacy politicians.

  9. While the……….’nationalists’ here defend China ad nauseum, they are quietly but quickly buying up your farmland, have taken most of your manufacturing and are invading the West on a massive scale. They purchase prime real estate in your cities, putting upward pressure on values, and pricing locals out of the market, and…….they gave us this fucking virus.
    As they smile and giggle, appearing harmless, they’re changing our nations, and demographics.
    Multiple forces are threatening and changing us, not just one or two.

  10. Cheney would also hate the very important commercial application of China’s “new” (actually old, going back to the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, at least, or to Confucius) social credit system:

    “China’s ongoing Social Credit experiments enjoy overwhelming popular support. Ask a Chinese friend why and he will explain. That program, when it is finally legislated, will in no way resemble Western, monarchical methods of social control, which are as old as monarchy itself. China’s Social Credit program outsources the task of keeping corporations and government departments accountable in real time to the public who, in Mao’s words, “Have sharp eyes”. For individual citizens, it is 90% carrot and 10% stick– the stick being embarrassment and inconvenience. Not so for companies and government officials, both of which can suffer loss of licenses and careers if a sufficient number of citizens condemn the way they do business. Its impact will be similar to that of the Cultural Revolution, which emancipated 400 million peasants by teaching them to read, write, and vote. It’s a commercial emancipation, that really does give power to the people”:

  11. On 9/11 White Republican Voters gave her have father and Bush W a blank check for endless war and endless race-replacement immigration policy…the complete and demographically eternal nullification of the Native White Working Class Vote on Nov 3 was the consequence…

    No I do not believe Cheney and Bush W were the masterminds behind 9/11…9\11 Truthers are lost in psychotic fantasy. Cheney and Bush are fart joke stupid. But it was like taking candy from a retard child easy for them to get the invade the word-invite the world outcome they wanted…..because the Native White Patriotards are even fart joke dumber than Cheney and the homosexual Bush W….

  12. Cheney is like the rest of the pols, just trying to stay relevant in the media, by saying controversial or stupid things.

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