Bloomberg: You Eat Meat From Factory Farms. Why Not a Lab?

Nanny Bloomberg is behind most of the anti-meat propaganda on the internet. Progressives are shooting for getting you off meat by 2035. A meat tax might be necessary to get us there. Boris Johnson’s government in the UK explored the issue, but shied away from it because it was politically toxic. The goal is still to reduce meat consumption by 30% in the UK within the next decade.


“Soaring beef prices, a new E. coli recall, and a recent swine fever outbreak have added to a growing pile of evidence that the grossly over-consolidated meat industry is in need of a new model. This piece of our global food supply must be reformed – and thoroughly reimagined – before it becomes any more unreliable or environmentally costly.

While plant-based substitutes have been gaining considerable marketshare over the past year, industrial meat and seafood will need a bigger savior than garden patties (or Tunato) that try to mimic the flavor and texture of the real thing. We’ve got one good candidate in lab-grown meat — aka “cultured meat” or “cellular agriculture”— an emerging frontier that has enormous potential to become the foundation of a humane, climate-smart future protein supply.

Though created in a vat, cultured products are indistinguishable from animal products on a cellular level, and as nutritious — without the environmental and moral burdens of raising animals to kill and eat. But to actually succeed, cultured meat must overcome two major obstacles: pricing and consumer doubt. …”

In this case, it is also definitely the globalists.

Bloomberg is officially working for the UN Secretary General on the issue.

The Hill:

“The United Nations has tapped former New York City mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg for a top climate post geared toward engaging governments and businesses to take action on climate change. 

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Friday announced Bloomberg will be appointed to serve as his Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions, a role in which Bloomberg will “mobilize stronger and more ambitious climate action” ahead of the COP26 climate change conference set to take place in Scotland later this year. The conference is seen as a key moment in the global effort to curb global warming six years after the Paris climate agreement was created. 

The UN said Bloomberg will work with governments, businesses, cities and financial institutions to secure new pledges to significantly reduce emissions over the next several decades. 

He will also work with high-emitting nations and industries to accelerate the phase out of coal and a transition to a clean energy economy. …”

The War on Coal is transitioning into a War on Meat.

Progressive activists are now openly saying that meat is the “new coal” or the “new tobacco.” It is bad for you. It is bad for Mother Earth. You’ve got to be nudged into quitting. It is always something with these people. They are always moving on to the next front in minding your business. The obsession with vaccine mandates ought to give you an idea where this is going.

Barack Obama has been enlisted to promote the cause. They’re working on making it a status issue. The goal is to stigmatize meat eating and make it taboo. At least for the proles.


“President Barack Obama’s upcoming birthday celebration will offer a meat-free menu, according to people familiar with the matter, giving buzzy plant-based brands like Impossible Foods Inc. and Eat Just Inc. a high-profile endorsement.

The menu was coordinated by musician Questlove, an advocate of and investor in meat-free foods, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private plans. It wasn’t immediately clear if there will be a separate menu with animal-meat options.

Guests at the scaled-back affair will be able to choose from items like Spam Musubi made with Impossible’s faux-beef and faux-pork and Eat Just’s plant-based eggs, according to menu plans viewed by Bloomberg News. Other offerings include Questlove’s Cheesesteak Eggrolls, made with Impossible “beef” and “cheese sauce” from Perfect Day Inc., a Berkeley, California-based startup making dairy proteins without animals. …”

The CEO of Impossible Foods wants to end all animal farming by 2035.

In between the attack on fossil fuels and farming and ranching, this isn’t just a culture war. It is really an economic war against the Heartland economy led by coastal oligarchs.

Note: A few years ago, people in New York City were worried that Bloomberg’s assault on the Big Gulp was a slippery slope. What will Nanny Bloomberg go after next?

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  1. The “robber barons” of the last century got fabulously wealthy giving us things we wanted. The current crop of fabulously wealthy “elites” forces things on us we don’t want.

  2. “War on coal”

    Have you noticed how the price of steam coal has skyrocketed, from 50 to 150$ per ton?

    It wasn’t a war on coal, that was the cover story.

    The real goal was to restrict all new mining, so that all those currently holding mining licenses would have no new competition. They can now make outrageous fortunes on high priced coal.
    Who is one of the biggest beneficiaries ?
    (((Glencore))) !

  3. Western cattle ranchers are hurting. The ongoing drought is causing most of them to thin their herds, causing very low cattle prices. This will lead to distress sales of cattle ranches. Now, talk of taxes on meat and substitutes, to drive the outlook for ranching lower.
    This stinks, of a media campaign , so vast amounts of land can be bought cheaply.
    By whom, ((blackrock)) ?

  4. The problem Western oligarchs are facing is that the USA and Europe are no longer the center of the world. Non-Western countries increasingly are able to shrug off of Western dictates. Citizens of Western countries aren’t going to be fine with giving up meat and living like medieval peasants when they can see the standard of living constantly increasing for Asians (and even places like Africa and central/south America).

  5. It is to separate you from God, the creator of all human life. Evil men wants to rule over you as God and replace all of the things that God has given humans to survive. God created the chicken and the cow, man created cultured beef. This is just more of the same hatred of God and Christ.

  6. If the United States reduces domestic production of meat that means that cattle from Mexico will be in demand at high prices unless there is a ban on the importation of beef to the USA.

    Such a ban might be as effective as the fight on illegal immigration. Some of our family are heavily involved in cattle ranching in Mexico. Primarily from Durango.

    The anti-meat hysteria might be a fad or a permanent dark crusade.

      • Arrian,

        Tariffs would hurt and if high enough would mean Mexican beef would be sold elsewhere. Except for smuggling. It seems easier to smuggle humans however than large amounts of beef.

        But if the demand is there then there will be a supply.

        • Lots of beef in Latin America, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay is one giant cattle ranch.

          This is just so much filler drivel, for stupid , gullible gringos.

  7. Consider the rapid rise of factory VEGETABLE “farming” – “locally-grown produce” inside real factory buildings, on high-stacked aluminum and plastic hydroponic shelves under 24-hour red-and-blue-only LED lighting instead of sunlight. It is only one more step to producing the same plant tissues or proteins in lab cell culture on a factory, or industrial, scale.

    This might prepare for the only “farming” possible after the coming nuclear war or a few more decades of unlimited pollution (and even in “peacetime” the U.S. military is the world’s single worst polluter of the environment).

    • “It is only one more step to producing the same plant tissues or proteins in lab cell culture on a factory, or industrial, scale.”

      Yes. This will most certainly happen.

      If they grow cultured meat in labs that is cheaper than meat grown naturally on the farm, then the lab based meat will naturally win out. There will be no need for activists to force it on us if they have a better product. If something is cheaper and is the same quality, people will naturally buy the cheaper option.

      A recent example: They had lots of cool book stores all over the world, then the Internet came along, then Amazon appeared, and soon after all of the cool book stores went broke, while one man got extremely rich and paid no taxes.

      Technology is like a pyramid. When it first starts there is a wide base of people making a living using it. As time goes on, fewer and fewer people are employed, until eventually only a few are employed or own it all.

  8. Strict BIOSECURITY is the key to having plenty of cheap meat to go with the circuses. If modern, scientific biosecurity breaks down, large-scale industrial meat production becomes impossible. A few generations ago turkey meat, coming through the gauntlet of bird diseases before antibiotics, and produced mostly outdoors with no double-door screening and santitizing, was more expensive than lobster.

    Unmonitored and uncontrolled poultry diseases such as Mareks, and especially Avian Influenza bring a sudden end to cheap chicken.

    FMD is endemic in many countries:

    Global “free” trade is spreading other deadly animal diseases around the world, and some may be deliberately spread as bioweapons.

    • “animal diseases (…) some may be deliberately spread as bioweapons”:

      “(O)ur biowarfare experts investigated parasitic wheat stem rust, which they believed might be effective at destroying Soviet agriculture. By 1949 they had developed powerful anti-wheat strains, and the project was put into full production. A huge stockpile of spores was required in order to be able to deal a crushing blow to the USSR food supply, far more than could be produced in the enclosed Fort Detrick (the main U.S. bioweapons lab, located in Maryland) greenhouses that had been used for testing purposes, so our experts began cultivating the fungal parasite on large sections of open acreage. The spores were extremely light, could be lofted up to 10,000 feet into the air by winds, and a single pustule might produce 350,000 new spores. Although our biowarriors surely tried to be careful, mistakes do sometimes happen, and while no attack upon Soviet agriculture ever took place, beginning in 1950 our own wheat crop was devastated by five years of mysterious wheat rust epidemics, which eventually encompassed twelve states and by 1954 had destroyed a quarter of our bread wheat and three-quarters of our pasta wheat. (…) By the early 1960s, Fort Detrick researchers were once again cultivating wheat rust in several acres of an experimental crop-station in Kansas, and their reports boasted of their success in reducing crop yields by 70%. This effort continued until 1965 when a huge wheat rust epidemic severely damaged the farmlands of much of Kansas and Nebraska, after which the project was halted. Other anti-food projects were aimed at livestock, and Baker strongly suspects that hog cholera was used against East Germany’s swine herds, with the epidemic beginning soon after the CIA-abetted Berlin riots of 1953 and forcing the destruction of many tens of thousands of pigs. Such methods became part of the CIA’s standard toolkit, and according to Newsday their operatives in 1971 successfully infected Cuba’s herds with the African swine flu virus, forcing the slaughter of 500,000 pigs and completely eliminating the availability of pork, a staple of the Cuban diet, although similar efforts to destroy Cuba’s poultry industry failed. These historical events seem eerily reminiscent of the mysterious viral epidemics that began devastating China’s poultry and pork industries in 2018 and 2019, soon after the Trump Administration had brought on board one of America’s leading biowarfare advocates…”

  9. Bloomberg is a dirty cock sucking multibillionare heeb who along with his tribe is aggressively helping hurl us into the biblical endtimes with his backstabbing antiwhite antichristian schemes but I’d have to agree with him about the big gulp being a excess of gluttony…

    No one needs that much sodapop, drinking that much pop on a regular basis you are just basically asking to have diabetes in the near future. I have a can of Coca-Cola or ginger ale rarely like 5 times a month at the most. People sucking down a 2L or big gulp everyday are in for a rude awakening. Its not just the sugar, caffeine in soda they are really heavy in carbs too

    • Real original Coca-Cola from the Atlanta drug store soda counter was better. Real cane sugar, real caffeine and real cocaine.

      • Agreed the old recipes of Coca-Cola was way better I don’t trust their new recipes of Coca-Cola not sure about the aborted fetus malarkey better to stay away. Fun fact for Oc readers Ty Cobb was a early investor in Coca-Cola in 1907 bought shares and three bottling plants. There was actually barely any cocaine in the early recipe thats definitely where it got its name from tho

        I usually buy the the safeway brand because its cheaper and has 5 less grams of sugar in it and basically taste the same

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