New Rising: Extremist Initiative By ADL and PayPal Weaponizes Ideology

I’m glad the DC set is covering this.

This is old news by now though. We were deplatformed by PayPal for ideological reasons in May 2017. Everyone else who supported Trump in the 2016 was deplatformed over the next four years. Donald Trump himself was banned from PayPal back in January. No one is left on PayPal.

Insofar as this is newsworthy, the takeaway is that Dan Schulman and Jonathan Greenblatt are 1.) both Jewish and 2.) that deplatforming and debanking and spying on people is being done by Jews to “fight anti-Semitism” and 3.) there are absolutely no limits to this because it went all the way to the president. It is not a Jewish conspiracy to say that Jews are behind this. They are doing it openly now.

The mainstream Right has also proven to be useless and incapable of doing anything about the issue for two fundamental reasons. Since Jewish billionaire donors control the Right, there are no limits to “fighting anti-Semitism.” Trump himself was wiped off the internet to “fight anti-Semitism.” Nothing also can be done about the problem because of the elderly politicians and their “free market” ideology. Jewish interest groups are effectively able to wield power to determine who can speak on the internet now.

Note: If you want to donate to us, I would rather you do it through the P.O. Box anyway because Jews are admitting to spying on people and invading their privacy now. There is also Israeli spyware that allows them to do this.

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  1. This was the obvious logical consequence of “private companies can do whatever they want” conservative talking points.

    The American regime has been outsourcing their tyranny to nominally “private” organizations for a long time in the realm of foreign affairs. The network of NGOs that serve as fronts for the state dept and CIA, the private military companies used as torturers and death squads, and more recently with big tech that is used to get around privacy laws. It’s just coming home to us more now.

    The next step that is upon us now is clearly deplatforming from financial services. It could move on to deplatforming from retail services. Then deplatforming from housing (after institutional investors finish gobbling up the real estate market). Neoliberal Jared Holt, of the American imperialist Atlantic Council, has already openly called for “extremists” (i.e. anyone who isn’t a neoliberal American imperialist like him) to be “dehomed.”

  2. Jews seem to have an eternal knack for setting themselves up as the eternal scapegoat. If they were really as “smart” as we’re supposed to believe they’d be the host’s most loyal and trusted ally instead of its most treacherous and hateful open enemy.

  3. Funny how a jew supremacist organization that promotes hates against Whites and a certain Semitic group in Israel is allowed to do whatever it wants. I guess the jews being in control of just about everything isn’t some “antisemitic” trope after all.

  4. For an ongoing business relationship, I had to open & use a PP account. The contract work is done. I closed my PP account.

  5. The nose seems to control, and fund both the Left and Right. They’re so vile that their tenicles are in both camps. To many laymen, they’re a largely hidden group, doing things quietly behind the scenes, being the cause, not the symptom. Do most people even know that Mark Zuckerberg or the head of the ADL are Jewish? And that’s precisely the problem.

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