Harry Enten: Democrats Like Their Party

I agree.

Virtually all the elites in this country are now concentrated in the Democratic Party. The Democrats represent nearly all of the wealthiest congressional districts in the country. The Democrats also support their leaders and the Democratic establishment has been strengthened due to the influx of affluent, college-educated suburban professionals who are former Republicans.


“What Turner didn’t seem to realize or care about is that Democrats like their party leadership: Biden has a 90%+ approval rating among Democrats.

Of course, Republicans love Trump. It’s not a surprise that voters like a president if he is a member of their party.

But look at how Democrats view their congressional leaders in a recent Quinnipiac University poll. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer both have net favorability (favorable – unfavorable) ratings of +40 points or higher. …

This is the opposite of the Republican Party. The party decides model broke down in a big way in 2016. A candidate who wasn’t even a Republican a decade prior marches to the nomination. He did so while bashing the last Republican president at the time (George W. Bush) and with very few endorsements.

How Republicans feel about their own congressional leaders tells the same story. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (+13 points) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (+7 points) hold net favorability ratings that are less than half as high as those of the Democratic leaders. McConnell, in particular, has had negative net ratings among Republicans nationwide at numerous points. …”

The opposite is true on the Republican side.

Republican politicians and the Republican establishment do not represent the views of the average Republican voter. The typical Republican voter would find most of what we talk about on this website familiar. They overwhelmingly say in polls that their enemies are our enemies.

Look at what Republican politicians are obsessed with: Juneteenth, police reform, holding the line on corporate tax cuts in the infrastructure bill, bigger Pentagon budgets, staying in Afghanistan forever, praising Joe Biden’s airstrikes in Somalia, defending Big Tech’s free speech rights. They can’t be moved to represent their own voters which is why they would squander another congressional majority with meaningless political theater just like last time even if it fell into their lap in the 2022 midterms.

For all our complaints about Joe Biden and the Democrats, we’re still not inclined to support the GOP in the 2022 midterm election. What would they actually do about any of these issues? Can you imagine them lifting a finger to do anything except for corporate lobbyists and wealthy donors?

Note: This is our basic take. The voters are all right and have gotten better in some ways. The elderly conservative politicians refuse to represent them though.

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  1. I’ll be voting straight ticket democrat until the republican party dies. Gotta go with the lesser evil.

  2. The Democrat party as a whole sticks together on voting issues and stopping the weak Republicans but when it comes to keeping their promises to their base. they’re no different the the Republicans.

  3. If 90% of Democrats like their party, but the majority of the population, including Independents, Republicans and the non-political, DOESN’T like the Democratic Party, that means the approval rating of Democrats for the U.S. population as whole is quite low. Compare that to: the majority of ALL Russians approve of Putin and his party, and the vast majority – over 90% – of Chinese people say they are very pleased with their Party. Then which system is democratic?

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