Jared Taylor: What’s Ahead for Whites?

Jared Taylor wasn’t wrong about the future in 2000.

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  1. Establishing a new polity explicitly grounded in illiberal philosophy has to be on everyone’s radar at this point. The progressives may dismantle America even before anyone else gets around to it.

    While I personally don’t want a Geheime Staatspolizei looking over my shoulder, FreedomLand 2.0 would just recreate our predicament. It should be clear that the state, as the realization of concrete freedom, establishes the horizon of possibilities for our lives; commerce and wealth should ultimately be subordinate to it. Government determines history, education, borders, citizenship, career advancement, family, culture, entertainment, technological development, all whether we like it or not; laissez-faire and individualism are illusions caused by people implicitly sharing the same values.

    I mention this because Taylor seems nostalgic for FreedomLand without understanding that it is his own conservatarian ideas that created the mess in the first place. That’s why he can never diagnose why people are supposedly acting perversely when he’s directly questioned. Whites acting in anti-white ways is mysterious to him. It is as if he thinks people just don’t have the facts, and if we give them the facts over and over again, they’ll come around. Maybe, just maybe, Taylor should consider that open borders, trannies, equity, etc. are a direct consequence of valuing individual autonomy over everything else.

    • @Some Dude – Jared Taylor now regularly states/writes that a reconciliation of the races is no longer possible, and ‘divorce’ is the only viable option.

      • ” Jared Taylor now regularly states/writes that a reconciliation of the races is no longer possible”

        How long has it taken him to realize the obvious ?

        Rumor has it that Jared’s wife is kosher. I dunno.

          • Even though Mr taylor won’t touch the jp , I still respect him.
            He works his territory, let others work the jp.

        • @ j.taylor, I like him and respect him, the kosherites would love to discredit him, what better way, that too lay claim too him themselves, j.taylor is one of us, I don’t believe, the smear about his wife.

    • Oh, it will change, in a big way.
      There are natural forces at work that won’t be circumvented jewish palaver.

  2. I know JT gets trashed for not talking about the JQ but he is really one of the best spokesmen around on clown world. The JQ does come up often in the comments at AmRen.

    • @s16 – Agreed. Mr Taylor steers clear any & all things J-ish; but he is a gentleman through & through, presenting a fine example how should comport himself, an American man.

      The man’s courage & steadfastness in these virulent – and increasingly, violent – anti-white times admirable in the extreme. I revere & honor him – despite his sometimes frustrating avoidance of … criticizing the ones who we’re not allowed to.

  3. If you’re not talking about the JQ at this late stage of the game you’re part of the problem.

    What we need most of all is consensus. When a significant number of people avoid the JQ it makes the other people brave enough to actually talk about it look like whack jobs and conspiracy theorists.

    • Agreed. JT did an excellent essay on slavery but never once mentioned the tribe that had a monopoly on the importation of slaves. Blacks are threat irrelevant compared to the genocidal psychopaths that control every lever of power in the west.

  4. What is their point of posting articles from twenty years ago? The situation has only gotten worse and Whites continue to do nothing about it. Honestly it’s just depressing.

    • “Honestly it’s just depressing”

      The vast majority of WHITES are too stupid/cowardly/conformist to treasure race.
      Their only interest in race is when their immediate safety is at risk.
      Their selfish arrogance will bite them, in the long term. Just because there aren’t immediate consequences, doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences.

      So, how do we avoid the plight that the fools are pulling us into, immigrate ?

  5. Partitioning the nation won’t work. If you have a prosperous, peaceful and productive country on one side of the border, millions of nogs from the other war torn, disease ridden shithole side will be forever climbing the border to be with us waysist YT’s once again. They will NEVER leave us alone. You already have such a border…….on your southern side. They hate us so much that they can’t bear to be away from us!

    • @ GOOSE, you are right sir, there will be no partion, when BABYLON falls, the Confederacy rises again, whatever is left we the born again Confederacy, lay claim too whatever is left, till Babylon falls, we wait, watch and prepare, too step up and lead, when the moment arrives.

    • “If you have a prosperous, peaceful and productive country on one side of the border, millions of nogs from the other war torn, disease ridden shithole side….”

      If you have that, what it means is there is imperialism/neo-colonial exploitation going on, and on both sides of the border there is capitalism.

  6. He doesn’t mention who said those things. Why? Because they have jewish surnames?

    Jared Taylor is a good fact-finding sleuth, but he suffers from being a wet sock when a fire hose is necessary to blow the jewish mind rot pot of the average normie’s CivNat mind. He isn’t the only White dissent that believes the ‘kid gloves’ approach is the way to win hearts and minds. Greg Johnson and Fródí Midjord to name two off the top of my head also are latter day ‘don’t rock the boat’ dissidents.

    American Renaissance conferences never invited people like David Duke, Tom Metzger, Eric Striker, or Hunter Wallace to speak at the podium. Instead, you get Nick Fuentes, the couple from Red Ice, and Black Pigeon Speaks tier guests.

    • @ November They DID have David Duke at a conference, but they kicked him out for mentioning “a global presence”.

    • @Pilot,

      Actually, David Duke was never a featured speaker at an American Renaissance Conference. He was in the audience. During the Q and A session with the speaker, Duke hinted at the JQ, which infuriated a jewish longtime (monitor) attendee who made a loud scene, and stormed off to jeers from the American Renaissance audience.

      Jared Taylor is too meek a man to invite anyone more radical than racist liberal Richard Spencer.

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