Portland Antifa Attack Christian Family Prayer Group

Portland is a city of interesting dualities.

They have some of the rowdiest people on the West Coast. Over the last five years, we have watched those people go from brawling with Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys to attacking the Portland police for lack of anything else to do to burning down ICE facilities to laying siege to the federal courthouse and attacking DHS personnel to murdering Patriots in the streets to surveilling and threatening to kill Mayor Ted Wheeler to attacking and beating up random motorists armed with AK-47s and now to vandalizing churches and attacking Canadian street preachers holding events in Portland’s public parks.

Note: If you fight back against these people who are breaking the law to violate your First Amendment rights, Merrick Garland’s DOJ and the FBI will come after you as a “domestic extremist.”

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    • If these fake “socialist,” socialism-discrediting, so-called “anti-fascist” forces did not exist, capitalism would need to invent them, and in fact, it did invent them.

    • According to most Christians and the bible, Jews are the Chosen People, and will go to heaven, whether they accept Christ or not.
      There’s something obviously wrong with this religion.
      They worship their oppressors and need to wake up.
      They’re too scared of pissing God off.

      • Nice narrative but most Christians on earth are Catholics and Catholicism is unequivocal about its doctrine of supercessionism — in other words the opposite of your claim. This is also the belief in orthodox Christianity. In fact it is the dual covenant, dispensationalist types who are the fringe minority in Christianity not the majority.

        Cool story though. Never miss a chance to have a lazy, ill informed swipe at Christianity.

      • The doctrine is that God gave this nation a chance and they rejected a new universal salvation. They are to kept around as an example of error if at all.

  1. Anti-White screamers and thugs, the government, the media, the corporations and all of our establishment institutions are on the same Anti-White side.

  2. Jesus said when you pray, pray in secret, not like the Pharisees who want to be seen praying in public. The Jews/Pharisees even blew horns (amplifying equipment, anyone?) so that their public religious devotions would be noticed. Prayer EVENTS are not really Christian.

    • On the other hand, I support the right of authentically Christian street preaching, which is being choked off by privatization of formerly public spaces and new rules for use of public spaces favoring businesses.

      • A further qualification, regarding street preaching, etc., is that some “Christian” groups and activities have actually been designed as fronts or otherwise used in hybrid war against China, Russia, Iran, etc.

  3. The cops were there to protect Antifa. No other reason. Yet some of you continue to idolize these maggots.

  4. I wonder how many of the black clad are Jewish? National guard at Kent State fired into supposed crowd and bumped off an exclusively Jewish list. Same with Rittenhouse. What are the odds? Portland, ahem, do the police really think they will get to collect pensions? The tax base is going to collapse.

  5. “If you fight back ………Merrick Garland’s DOJ and the FBI will come after you as a “domestic extremist.”

    Tyranny and terror, the jish concept of justice.
    Look to the USSR.

    • More turning the other cheek by Christians.

      Like (((Edward G. Robinson))) famously bellowed in the film “The 10 Commandments,” “Where is your Messiah now?”

  6. ‘Where’s your God now?’ one of the mutants yell as they destroy the Christians sound equipment. Such a perfect summation of anarchism. Anarchism — and really committed forms of libertarianism — are merely the nastiest and anti-social adolescent tendencies distilled into an ideology.

    On a brighter note it’s good to see the Christians actually being hostile to the cops and telling them to ‘do their f****** job’. We’re long past the back the blue delusion even with this crowd and that’s a plus. The cops aren’t your friends the people they take orders from are the friends of anti-fa and they seem to be waking up to that fact.

    • Those cops are just filthy whores who’ll follow any order from any jew whore commie cunt politician. Like the VSP at C’ville. ANYthing, as long as they get Muh Pension & their retirement Harley.

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