The “White Supremacy” Crisis

Viktor Orbán isn’t a “fascist” or “authoritarian.”

The truth is that Hungary has remained a normal country. The American Right also hasn’t become more “fascist” or “authoritarian.” It has barely changed on cultural issues except on gay marriage.

Progressives have become much more radical across a whole range of issues – immigration, crime, political correctness, censorship, civil liberties, “trans” and so on – since around the year 2005. By today’s standards, Al Gore and John Kerry held positions which are “fascism” and “authoritarianism.” Around a third of the population of Portland and Seattle now wants to “Abolish the Police.” Minneapolis is voting on abolishing the police in November in a year which will be bloodier than Murderapolis.

“Domestic extremists” are normal Americans who haven’t plunged off the deep end like “journalists” have over the last decade who have been radicalized inside the college-educated progressive bubble:

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  1. We do have a White supremacy problem, by strict definition. The supremacy of White shitlib oligarchs. Of course, when journalists use the term “White supremacy,” they’re talking about powerless White plebs having unconscious bias or whatever, not White elites lording over everyone.

  2. It is very sad that those graphs do not mark the point when The Donald entered to the scene.

    When you want to stop the steamroller then it is two opportunities. One is stand in front of the steamroller, try to push it back and get rolled over like many leaders before who tried to fight back communism. Hitler most known.

    The second opportunity is go behind the steamroller and push it for more speed so it speeds up and goes over the cliff.

    Comparing to 1811 year, in 1812 Napoleon entered Russia more than 6 million per cent. Everybody knows what happened next.

    Strategic retreat is terrible weapon. Ask Hitler or Napoleon. Or Sun Tzu about death territory.

    Donald is the greatest white leader world ever had.

    • Juri- “Donald is the greatest white leader world ever had.”

      As one who thought all the hype was mere ‘fake news’ until it wasn’t (somewhere around 1/6/21), I must take issue with that above statement.

      DJT was the biggest FALSE FRONT, EVER portrayed/offered before the American Voting Public, in the history of this sorry nation. At every stage of his buffoonish presidency (not giving credence to the J-Left, who used the term ‘buffoon’ as a generic for the entire electorate that voted him into office) DJT surrounded himself with sworn ENEMIES and thought that the Jews, the Fags, the Jews, the Donors, the JEWS, the Mega-corporations and their sycophantic little shits (every congreslscritter from Paul Ryan on up) were going to ‘make great deals’ with HIM- and the VOTING MILLIONS who had elected him.

      Their avowed intent was UTTER HATRED, and we are now ‘reaping the whirlwind’ with the FRAUDULENT SENILE APOSTATE ASS known as Joe Biden. And “Kali the Kosher C*nt” as Veep, waiting to eat the skull of Sleepy Joe, when (((THEY))) determine he is of no more usefulness.

      74 million people living in the breadbasket of the USA could STARVE THE J-LEFT and end this charade, if they just SECEDE, and say, NOT ONE EAR OF CORN, ONE KERNEL OF WHEAT, ONE COW is yours, until you remove (by any means necessary) the ANTICHRISTS in this satanic pseudo-society.

      This nation has been dead for some time. I think it began around 9/11, but was given the initial killing shot on a Dallas motorcade in 1963, in all honesty.

      SECEDE NOW. God is damning the USA. Read the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah. It all sounds so ‘contemporary.’ Because it is.

  3. In 2016 white births fell below white deaths. The final nail in the coffin of the USA.

    • The country will continue to decline in every metric and become more corrupt and unlivable. The “true patriots” will blame it on “turning away from God” or some other such BS, instead of their own materialism and hedonism.

  4. White supremacy? When the train “jumps” the tracks things aren’t going to end well…

    Our Gang Silent Films

    31 – The Sun Down Limited (1924)

  5. Whenever there’s a stabbing or shooting in Chicago, or a BLM riot in Minneapolis, remember that America has a ‘white supremacy problem’. The problem is so prevalent that millions of brown outsiders can’t invade you quickly enough…..

  6. “The “White Supremacy” Crisis”

    When they control the narrative, they will always invert the vital truths.

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