PBS Newshour: Hungary’s Crackdown On Its LGBTQ Community Prompts Condemnation From European Leaders

Viktor Orbán’s Hungary isn’t perfect.

It is definitely better than Joe Biden’s America though.

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  1. You have to draw the line at the homosexuals. That’s the crack in the armor that the Jew sticks his #6 beak in when all other avenues are less amenable. Frankly, women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, either (this is not as big a problem in eastern Europe, but still).

      • Nor should any MINOs (males in name only — of which there are MANY), or any males without a job or family.

    • @Metrosucks,
      Well men have been running most of the West for most of history……….and look where it’s taken us so far!
      Safe to say we’re not much better…

  2. The “LGTBQ”-cult has secured the top spot of the USA regarding spread of STDs in the developed world. Def something to be “proud of”. BTW, it’s funny how the homo-lobby sucessfully made a taboo out of the fact that homosexuals are STD-ridden. The so called LGTBQ-community accounts ofr 85% of all infection cases of STD in the USA in a given year, and the cases are growing in absilute and relative numbers.

  3. spiegelman s Superman was always extremely Jewish fantasy, propaganda

    An alien , supposedly superior race of people comes to White rural Kansas in the form of an orphan boy .

    He has super powers of superior intelligence but it s feared the local White Americans will take him away because of fear, bigotry . So he must hide his powers.

    He goes to work for a big newspaper in Metropolis/New York City for an all White /Gentile run media . Superman/Clark Kent must hide his secret identity lest these White Gentiles that run all the newspapers , TV and radio stations find out and turn on our alien benefactor like Hitler did.


    Don t think this is our mythos

    • “spiegelman s Superman was always extremely Jewish fantasy, ”

      Myth to displace facts.

      Do some stories on great german war heros, who did some really amazings things.
      Nah, can’t do that , it might build self-esteem among WHITES and inspire young WHITE folks to better themselves and aspire to greater achievements.

      Must keep the goy down, guilt, shame, insults, slander, guilt, shame, insults, slander, etc……..

    • “Hungary does have gay bars, LGBT communities and has gay parades”:

      Yes, and so do ALL capitalist states.

      The U.S.S.R. under Stalin, after getting rid of Talmudist Trotsky and purging the Trotskyists, passed the law forbidding sodomy, the first offense punished with five years of hard labor in the mines. But with the return of capitalism to Russia, sodomy is again being allowed. China under Mao passed the first anti-sodomy law in Chinese history (although the sin was never common in Confucian culture) and today it is one of the sins and faults that bar from membership in the CCP, even you did not do it yourself but only your child or spouse did.

  4. I am fully behind Orban. I completely believe that all sodomites, lesbians, and any transwhatever, should be publicly stoned.

    “Stone them with stones, “as the Bible says. “For the scripture cannot be broken,” Jesus said

    Because it’s the only way we’re going to get rid of them, and it’s the only way we’re going to instill fear -to make sure that nobody else comes out of the closet…. ever.

    • No. What Jesus said is: Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone.

      Are you serious? Public stoning is an extremely cruel, barbaric act. Next you may suggest dunking (drowning), sawing people in half, stretching on the rack, and burning at the stake.

      Some of these sins are really caused by war, exploitation, inequality, poverty, broken families and hopelessness, and of course the profit motive (greed) – “the love of money that is the root of all this evil,” as the Scripture says. Jesus and some of the prophets (such as Amos) preached against the evil system. The evil system teaches: NOT doing unto thy neighbor as thou would have it be done unto thee, but doing it TO thy neighbor before thy neighbor does it to thee.

  5. Obran is being severely pressured and tested by the usual Anti-White suspects. We’ll find out what he’s really made of.

  6. See how the vermin are suddenly against “democracy” & “freedom” when it takes the form of a referendum on sodomite brainwashing of children. The LAST thing they want is the helots being allowed to make decisions about how their national affairs are conducted; about setting the limits of what’s culturally permissible. Oh no: those are things to be determined exclusively by the handful of jewfag Cultural Marxists with the accepted credentials, then rammed down the throats of the “white trash” from above.

    May Orban remain firm in fighting the faggot pedo scum & their globalist kike/shitlib enablers.

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