Poll: Republicans Increasingly Critical of Major Institutions

The news really isn’t all that bad.

Even though lots of people are being gaslit into believing we should stay in Afghanistan, we are out and unlikely to go back in now. Republican voters have also shifted and improved in lots of ways over the past two years. As we have repeatedly stressed, Republican politicians are a different story.

Pew Research Center:

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  1. This is good in some ways, but bad in others. Because Republicans don’t have any positive vision of what they want, this resistance to institutions most of the time just manifests as owning the libs and partisan stupidity like the mask wars or flip flopping on Afghanistan. It creates the perfect environment for grifters to spawn, along with stupid self-sabotaging ideas like “Dems are the real racists.”

    Same is true for Democrats, who now have a reflexive support of all institutions and experts because of partisanship, to the point that they praise the FBI and CIA.

  2. “people are being gaslit”

    You mean like this,

    “Larry elder is the black face of WHITE supremacism”?

    black face of WHITE supremacism………..?

  3. This doesn’t mean anything. Major institutions are now favored by the dems because they are in power. The trend is down for republicans because they are not in power.

    It’s a B.S. see-saw where one side gets a little more juice from the jew owned system when they are in power. The two party system must be broken. That will take a revolutionary form of politics which pits the have-nots against the haves.

    Think in terms of divide and conquer aggregates: The rank and file military against the useless brass. Young students who don’t want the vax or masks against their highly paid professors. People who do honest work against the parasite banks. All sorts of things.

    Whites should fight against anti white discrimination first and foremost. I believe there is an international precedent set by WWI in Wilson’s 14 points that can be used as a legal precedent to say that non whites have no right to take a majority and vote against us. We died in international war for that cause. That should have legal ramifications on immigration and voting.

    • There isn’t really going to be a see-saw anymore because the entire professional class has migrated to the democrats. The institutions are now thoroughly democrat, which is why democrats still trusted all of the institutions during Trump’s presidency and republicans all opposed them.

  4. The Republican oligarchs such as the Koch brothers were all in favor of open borders. Sheldon Adelson, Trump and that scumbag Mitt Romney’s single biggest contributor wanted a war against Iran for Israel and publicly said so.


    The Republican Party is the enemy of the Republican voter, there is no salvation in the Republican Party. The Republican Party, whether under Trump or anyone else will continue the policies of national destruction of both parties controlled by oligarchs and “Our Greatest Ally”.

  5. The wider the franchise, the stupider the electorate, the more Mass Media is the locus of power.

    (Very) Limited Franchise Republics.

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