National Review: Yes, Bring the Afghans Who Helped Us

Some things never change:

We are burdened by a worthless class of pudgy, sheltered, bespectacled, bow-tied fools who start wars in distant countries based on foolish expectations.

The war plays out like anyone with a sense of the history and culture and Afghanistan could have predicted and who were shouted down when we plunged in during the George W. Bush administration.

We send the most idealistic and patriotic White American men to die in Afghanistan to fight a vaguely defined, open ended “War on Terror” that ends in failure. Far more people are maimed or die in the wars than from attacks by the terrorists who were our former allies.

The war turns into an endless grift and a bottomless pit of money and lives that leaves the Taliban more popular than ever before while enriching corrupt warlords and Beltway defense contractors and insiders.

The entire media shrieks in pain that the real tragedy is that the war has ended.

The war does not transform the culture of the occupied country.

We will spend decades caring for veterans and paying for the medical bills of the war and paying interest on the money we borrowed to finance the war and which was thrown down the drain because it wasn’t invested in our own country.

The people who are responsible for this disaster will suffer no professional consequences.

Finally, when the war is over and has been written off as a failure, we are told that we must import Afghan refugees into our country and resettle them in our cities regardless of cultural differences and import Afghanistan’s most degenerate urban liberals and all of its cowards who refused to fight. Those people will come here and enrich America like Somali refugees have enriched Minneapolis.

Those who oppose refugee resettlement will be denounced as “racists.”

Soon, there will be calls to repeat the process all over again somewhere else.

National Review:

“The scenes at Kabul airport — Afghans clinging to airplanes as they take off, Afghans passing babies over barbed wire — are only the tip of the iceberg of the desperation in the country.

The U.S. should try to get everyone out of Kabul that it reasonably can in the current ramshackle evacuation operation, but it shouldn’t feel obligated to take all these people itself, and what is likely to be a larger subsequent refugee flow will inevitably enter neighboring countries. …

And the plight of the Afghans, who genuinely fear for their safety and their lives at the hands of a group of barbaric Islamic radicals, shows the absurdity of the Biden administration’s treating migrants from Central American democracies as though they, too, are refugees fleeing persecution.

By all means, let’s be open-handed and generous to the Afghans who put it on the line for us and trusted us, and lend support, to the extent we can, to Afghan refugees who end up elsewhere. But our refugee policy should demonstrate the rationality and discrimination that President Biden’s bug-out didn’t.”

What’s the alternative?

How about minding our own business and allowing other countries to govern themselves and repudiating neoliberal imperialism? What would Afghanistan be like today if we had never intervened there in the first place? What would America be like today without the war in Afghanistan?

Note: We created both the Taliban and al-Qaeda which was the ostensible reason that we had to go into Afghanistan and stay there for twenty years to crush them.

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  1. American troops are not patriotic and idealistic. If they were either of those things, they wouldn’t even consider working for the American regime. They are animal mercenaries who join the American imperial military because they have zero skills and suck at life.

    • A classmate of mine admitted he was a mercenary, and I admired him for saying that. He was a bright and talented dude, and those were somewhat different times. There are plenty of the type you mention, too. I work with one.

  2. “How about minding our own business ”

    Nope! America must be the global bully, our jwish masters say so.

  3. The only way we’ll stop military interventions and reign in the Pentagon is to destroy its credibility. Ransom the troops out and to hell with the contractors, NGOs and Afghans.

  4. Those Straussian faggots were just the leering, smirking, holey socked “front men” of BIG KIKE.

    “We are burdened by a worthless class of pudgy, sheltered, bespectacled, bow-tied fools who start wars in distant countries based on foolish expectations.”

  5. If we weren’t there in the 1st place, there would be no reason to bring in Afghans that “helped” us.

  6. ” . . . those who oppose refugee resettlement will be denounced as “racists.”

    Soon, there will be calls to repeat the process all over again somewhere else.”


    That “somewhere else” will probably be Taiwan when the NR, WSJ, NYT and WP will be shrieking again about their precious “democracy” and to “Do Something!” as China reunites its breakaway province. NR will be making the “conservative” case for intervention again then the “conservative” case for the refugee resettlement racket.

    BTW, how about Lutheran Charities, Catholic Charities, Hebrew Aid Society and a host of other parasite NGOs that live off of these disasters? These are bountiful times for these scumbags.

    Get ready for a million refugees from Taiwan to follow. all of them supporting anti-White political movements too.

  7. The cowards boarding that jet will be the parents of tomorrow’s drug peddlers, welfare cheats and SJW’s.
    Even some of the first generation will become refugee lawyers and community ‘activists’ fighting only for the betterment of their own……… something they WOULDN’T do in Afghanistan. The elites make it happen. What hope do we have?
    I’m often asked why I’m a racist. My response is:- ‘you won’t end racism until you end our replacement. You won’t end racism until you end the things that cause it’.
    When we have no say on who invades us, then all that’s left is to become a racist who stands up only for whites…… unfashionable as that is these days.
    Different races are like some animal species:- I’m fine with them when they’re outside, not to be disturbed, as long as they’re not inside my house…….or country.
    Finally, if some in that group are anyone of any use such as doctors, engineers or industry titans, well then their own nation needs them more than we do. We should NOT be taking them.
    Take another look at that top photo:- it sums up why I’m a racist in just one image.

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