Caspian Report: How Afghanistan Became a Failed State

We’re sticking with Afghanistan.

Neocons are trying to distract attention away from their twenty year failure in Afghanistan which is an important lesson in the total bankruptcy of their foreign policy.

If the American political establishment had been willing to leave Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan alone and had refrained from meddling in those countries, what would they be like today?

Note: Afghanistan could have developed into just another post-Soviet Central Asian ‘stan like Uzbekistan or Tajikistan. Instead, it has become an Islamic theocracy.

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  1. Some people in the cities over there pretended they were living in a “secular democracy” (whatever that means).

  2. The exceedingly corrupt oil- and natural resource-rich “…stans” are run by a Pro-US mafia-style oligarchy of kikes – Afghanistan could be so lucky as to avoid the same fate. It is not our right or duty to “develop” Non-White nations and regions into something resembling Western European societies – to try to do so would be nothing more than a 21st Centrury version of “The White Man’s Burden”.

  3. Now that the US and their woke ideologies gave been beaten, Afghanistan can go back to being governed by Afghans instead of degenerate puppets put in by the US and their allies.

  4. Caspian Report does not tell you that the Saur Revolution was a Trotskyistic NON-national misconception of socialism that forced its “revolution” on the people of Afghanistan, who were unprepared for it because they lacked fully developed class consciousness. Being forced and unnatural, the “revolution” was bound to fail. Russia, which had been drifting away from a consistent clear understanding of socialism since death of Stalin, was drawn in and supported the unnatural “revolution” that could only lead to discredit. Whereas ethno-nationalism socialism is a natural, organic development of a nation (people), Trotsky’s “permanent revolution” is forced and unnatural. The two socialisms are completely different, even though they use some of the same terminology. Compare the Hungarian revolution of 1919 – that was forced on the Hungarian people by a small group of Jewish Trotskyists – with the Finnish revolution of 1918 that was entirely spontaneous and entirely Finnish – “socialism with Finnish characteristics.”

    The Saur revolution that was not really Afghan was already doomed before the U.S. began sending in radical Islamic proxies to destroy it, just as the Hungarian revolution, that was not really Hungarian, was doomed before the Romanian military invaded to restore monarchy or fascism.

  5. I would say it would have become a “failed state” if it had become a secularized democracy.

    As it is, there will still be Afghans in 100 years. Hell, there will probably be Afghans in 1,000 years. That sounds like a successful state to me.

    • Re: “it would have become a failed state if it had become a secularized democracy”:

      Yes. It did. A secular cosmopolitan socialism was imposed on Afghanistan from outside for a few years, and it failed to take hold. But the natural, “organic” development of ethno-national “socialism with Afghan characteristics” – WILL succeed, if it is not attacked and destroyed from outside. The Taliban is an Islamic socialist, egalitarian and anti-usury movement much like the revolutionary leadershp of Iran, only Sunni rather than Shia. Very good explanation here:

    • “We” (the U.S.) did essentially (effectively) ignore it, and that is why the U.S. has one of the world’s worst outcomes. The outcome of Belarus is what would be expected, and would have been even worse if Belarussians were more crowded, and if they were constantly travelling, mixing and mingling like most of the U.S. population. Sweden did less to control Covid than other Scandinavian governments and as you would expect, Sweden has the worst outcome of deaths and disabilities among the Scandinavian countries.

      • Anonymous,

        You are full of shit. Sweden used non-draconian libertarian methods of tackling the Wuhan biological weapon leak.

        I actually know several Swedes, and they paint me a completely different picture than your CCP-PLA bat breath one.

        I deeply suspect that you’re some goblin hapa of Han and ashkenazi.

        • Libertarian (capitalist) Sweden has a much worse outcome than the other Scandinavian states that have been less “libertarian” (do-nothing) than Sweden about the pandemic. Finland that took more mitigation measures has 1/10th the loss per capita. Sweden with its undeserved socialist reputation is a terrible model of ANTI- public health policy.

        • “goblin hapa of Han and ashkenazi”:

          Wrong guess. Cymry (Welsh) and Frankish Swiss German, farming and mining labourer background, no Chinese or Talmudic traces. But every true ethno-nationalist must also be an internationalist, with respect for all peoples. Those who hate and exploit foreigners tend to hate and exploit their own neighbours and their own flesh and blood.

  6. I don’t know, perhaps because they have a native population incapable of building a first world civilization? World superpowers should just bargain with them respectfully as a trading partner and otherwise leave them alone.

  7. Very good article on The Saker blog today, by Pepe Escobar, explaining how the Empire intends to collapse the Afghan economy, freezing all Afghan assets held in Western banks, devaluing the currency, and banks worldwide refusing to do business with Afghanistan. The hybrid war continues by other means. Also, 75% of the puppet Afghan government’s revenue consisted of U.S. aid, which is now cut off, in violation of the Doha agreement. Doing his part in the financial scorched-earth policy, puppet president Ghani fled with over $100 million in cash stolen from the treasury, which will allow him to live well in his retirement in the U.A.E.

    Kabul and the other urban areas with capitalist economies that will be hit hard by the U.S.’s financial attack. But the small towns and rural areas of Afghanistan have for many years subsisted on a barter economy, and the Taliban is accustomed to operating outside the Western banking system. It is socialistic, and opposed to paying or charging interest on loans, and will insist on non-profit, interest-free banking in Afghanistan.

    Escobar says “I received a copy of a high-level Pakistani academia-intelligence paper examining the challenges facing the new Afghan government. The paper notes that ‘the standard route of development to be followed will be very pro-people’ (populist/socialist) Taliban’s Islam is socialist. It has an aversion towards wealth being accumulated in fewer hands” – and, crucially, also an aversion to usury. On the initial steps towards development projects, the paper expects them to come from Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Iranian and Pakistani companies – as well as a few government sectors. The Islamic Emirate ‘expects infrastructure development packages at costs that are affordable by the country’s existing GDP.’
    Afghanistan’s nominal GDP in 2020 was $19.8 billion, according to World Bank figures. New aid and investment packages are expected to come from Shanghai Cooperation Organization member nations” – Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran,,etc.:

    • “I loved the old government in 1861. I loved the old Constitution yet. I think it is the best government in the world, if administered as it was before the war. I do not hate it; I am opposing now only the radical revolutionists who are trying to destroy it. I believe that party to be composed, as I know it is in Tennessee, of the worst men on Gods earth – men who would not hesitate at no crime, and who have only one object in view: to enrich themselves.” — Nathan Bedford Forrest

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