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  1. This Kevin McCarthy character is just like the rest of the Republican Party, a menace to the country. The “Americans” he is referring to have traditional Anglo-European names such as Akhmed, Mohammed and Haji. They all are members of the ‘religion of peace’ too, good Quakers, one and all no doubt.

    California is already overrun with diversity and also overpopulated with 40 million people living there, mostly swarthy wogs, too. All of this is because of immigration and failure, mostly Republican failure, to police the southern border and enforce immigration laws. It was the good “conservative” Pres. Reagan who passed an amnesty law in 1986 setting the example of letting the Third World overrun the state.

    Apparently this McCarthy scumbag has learned nothing from this catastrophe and now wants to repeat it by taking a million Afghans into the country. The Republican Party needs to just go away like their predecessors the Whig Party.

  2. “The GOP is currently trying its hardest to keep us in Afghanistan.”

    I think it’s theater. Black Rock China and the Taliban have a deal.

  3. Who supports the GOP position here? Nobody I know currently or formerly serving in the military. Talk about tone deaf! How about we send those soldiers to stem the southern border invasion? GOP is a joke and I’ll be sitting out the midterms (like 2020).

  4. I would say (as Jazzhands is saying over at FTN) that JEWS should no longer dictate to the US what we should or shouldn’t do!

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