The Atlantic: Why Biden Is Really Slipping in the Polls

There is a lot of shrieking going on in the media about Afghanistan. Even the worst polls for Joe Biden still show that the public supports his decision to withdraw and end the war. Most people don’t care about Afghanistan. They also still don’t believe that the war was worth fighting. Sure, it was ugly getting out because the Pentagon and the “intelligence community” was so wrong about the willingness of the Afghan army to fight and hold off the Taliban, but that isn’t what voters care about.

COVID is the true reason that Joe Biden is plunging in the polls. July the 4th had been sold by the Democrats as “Independence Day” from COVID. “Hot Vax Summer” and “shots in arms” was supposed to be the end of the pandemic and mark the return to normalcy. Then the Delta variant happened and the CDC reversed course and it has been back to wearing masks again even for people who supported Joe and trusted Fauci and who have been vaccinated. Some large number of them are increasingly frustrated with Joe Biden because it seems like there is never to going to be an end to this.

The Atlantic:

“Losing a war undermines the public’s trust in any leader. But the setback causing the most damage to Joe Biden’s political standing likely isn’t the U.S. military defeat in Afghanistan—it’s the frustrating home-front struggle against the resurgent coronavirus pandemic.

Support for Biden’s performance as president has tumbled in the most recent batch of polling. For the first time since he took office, a higher percentage of people disapprove of the job he’s doing than approve, according to the RealClearPolitics average. (Biden remains just a hair above water in the FiveThirtyEight trend line.) On Tuesday, a USA Today/Suffolk University poll found his approval rating at 41 percent—a dismal showing more commonly associated with Biden’s unpopular predecessor, Donald Trump, who never won the support of a majority of voters.

The easy explanation for these numbers is that the public is blaming Biden for the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. Voters seem to be siding with critics who say the president botched the withdrawal of U.S. forces and endangered both American citizens and Afghan allies who now are desperate to escape Kabul. Surely, the chaos overseas has played a part in Biden’s diminished standing. How could it not? Scenes of heartbreak and despair have dominated headlines and newscasts for the past 10 days, accompanied by grim comparisons to Vietnam and reminders that Biden had flatly ruled out such a nightmare scenario barely a month earlier. Just one-quarter of respondents approved of Biden’s handling of Afghanistan in an NBC News poll released on Sunday.

One data point has jumped out to pollsters more than any other. From April to August, the percentage of people in the NBC poll who said the worst of the pandemic was behind us plummeted by 24 points (from 61 percent to 37 percent). “These days, we just don’t see shifts like that in a lot of political measurements,” Jeff Horwitt, the Democratic half of the bipartisan polling team that ran the survey, told me. Leger measured a similar sentiment and saw an even more dramatic dip, from 60 percent in early July to just 32 percent about five weeks later. …”

Have you heard about the COVID-22 super variant?

News Up:

“A coronavirus “super variant” worse than Covid-19 could emerge next year and every unvaccinated person is a potential super-spreader, according to an expert.

Immunologist Professor Doctor Sai Reddy, of the federal technology institute ETH Zurich, said a combination of existing strains could result in a new and more dangerous phase of the pandemic.

He warned: “Covid-22 could be even worse than what we are experiencing now.” …”


“Twitter users have been expressing concern after the term “COVID-22” started to trend on the social media site Tuesday, and the professor who used it has clarified his comments to Newsweek.

On seeing the trending term, users responded with tweets and memes about what some perceived to be a whole new type of coronavirus. …”

This is the likely future of COVID.

It becomes an endemic virus that never goes away here and circulates like influenza. There are endless variants which are vaccine resistant. It is easy to imagine a cycle of media panics and public health interventions. The public becomes ever more exhausted and polarized about the issue.

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  1. Meanwhile the CCP-led People’s Republic enjoys a 90 to 95% approval rating, in part due to its near-perfect response to the pandemic, obviously, undeniably, much more successful than any Western government’s (including Australia’s) fake or haphazard efforts.

    • How much are big pharma paying you to shill their billion dollar experimental treatments on the Internet?


      I didn’t see the Taliban wearing masks, and they took their country back from the mask wearing poofters with little effort. The Western elites have become a bunch of sissies. They are so terrified of a virus with a 0.2% of chance of death, they are afraid to leave their homes without endless injections and mouth gags. Hunter is right. All of the parties that went along with this bullcrap throughout the West, are going to be decimated in the coming elections.

    • Sort of like the 100% turn out and 100% victory by the Kim clan in their fake elections. Nobody can take any poll seriously where you don’t have the freedom to speak your mind. That being said I can say despite being authoritarian and petty oppressive, at least China seems to be living in reality. Our Jewish dominated elites have Generation Bastard living in a fantasy world like a mass madness utopian cult. At least that Marshall Applebee dude only had 40 people who bought his Hale Bopp UFO Comet crap seriously. You’ve got 81 million idiots voting for this marxist utopian nonsense here in a country that just 52 years ago was serious enough to competently land white men on the moon. Now the bastards want to abolish the police and expect the blacks to all live like they do in TV commercials.

  2. Hello Hunter;

    A modest proposal, perhaps a way to get the attention of the worthless scumbags in the Republican Party.

    How about a meme that anyone on the Right, no matter where on the spectrum they are can help things turn around by not voting (at least in Federal elections) Republican 2022? For a reason to abstain from voting Republican truth is the best response.

    Yes, the Democrats are worse but that has been true for decades and cannot justify Republican treason, If the ‘Don’t Vote Republican’ meme began trending it would get the attention of the Republicans and other “conservatives.” Fear is a great motivator and nothing scares a politician more than the prospect of losing an election, nothing.

    Republicans have held power for about half the time since 1945 and they both failed to stop the Left and aided and abetted in its ruin of the country. Even DJT reneged on his signature boast, that he would build a wall on the southern border. If even DJT couldn’t/wouldn’t do what he promised then what good are the Republicans, the vast majority of whom serve their corporate masters unflinchingly?

    If the Democrats win it would be an object lesson for the Republicans and wouldn’t make things that much worse. After all the Republican antiwar barking it was a Democrat, Joe Biden who actually ended a war started by a Republican.

    If the Republicans take both the House and the Senate in 2022 they are unlikely to change things. The Republican have had power before (many times) and just squandered it helping their corporate masters, Globohomo Shopping Mall Capitalism. Why would 2022 be any different if the misbegotten Republicans win?

  3. Hopefully all this bullshit about “super variants”, forced vaccinations, humiliating face mask rules and endless lockdowns will lead to a not-so-civil uprising. We’re 50 years behind schedule on that.

  4. COVID mRNA vaccines and their endless “boosters ” might well be the trigger for a “Children of Men” future.

  5. No. It does not NEED to become endemic like Influenza. If it adapts and becomes endemic in animal species in regular contact with humans (many animals are exposed and being infected, as it circulates among billions of humans around the world) then it probably will be impossible to eradicate. Eradication is still possible, if capitalist interests and the governments they control did not stand in the way of doing what needs to be done. Instead of doing what needs to be done, the big business-controlled governments do as little as they can get away with: either “herd immunity” policy of doing nothing at all or “mitigation (which is) a collection of measures that tries to negotiate between the realities of the virus and the financial interests of the ruling elites (…) including masking, social distancing, testing, contact tracing, isolation of infected patients, ventilation, vaccinations, and others. Such measures have a role to play in reducing the velocity of viral transmission. But they do not lead to the effective containment of the virus and, in the absence of a strategy to sever the chain of viral transmission, can actually become counterproductive. The two major elements advocated by proponents of the mitigation strategy are vaccinations and masking. Extraordinary claims have been made by the Biden administration in the US, Trudeau in Canada and many others worldwide that the simple combination of these measures will bring an end to the pandemic. These claims are based on a gross distortion of the character of the Delta variant. First, it has been scientifically proven that the Delta variant is too transmissible and vaccine-resistant for vaccinations alone to put an end to infections. A recent theoretical model by Dr. Malgorzata Gasperowicz at the University of Calgary estimated that with 64 percent of the population fully vaccinated and assuming the vaccines have 60 percent efficacy against the Delta variant, the R (reproduction) number would likely remain at the highly elevated 3.7. Her model found that only through the combination of vaccinations and public health measures including lock-downs would the R number be reduced to 0.86. Second, the types of masks used by the general public are totally inadequate for the Delta variant, which is vastly more transmissible and produces a viral load roughly 1,000 times higher than the wild type of the virus. Given this extreme viral load, some scientists have estimated that one second of exposure to the Delta variant is equivalent to 15 minutes of exposure to the wild type of the virus, with the widely-used cloth and surgical masks leaving individuals largely unprotected. To make matters worse, the masks are often used improperly by a public that does not clearly understand, as a result of miseducation and false information, the process of viral transmission”:

  6. We’re supposed to believe Biden is dropping in the polls lower than he was before. And if he’s sacked, he’ll tell us people love Kamala the same way they told us the people loved Obama. “The polls” are for idiots. And for people who think the vote is fair!

  7. If Ol Cornpop wanted to pump up his popularity numbers he would get a $2K/person Fourth Stimulus Check out by Halloween

  8. “Why Biden Is Really Slipping in the Polls”

    Media push, manipulated perception.

    If biden declared war on Iran and sent 500,000 troops to their deaths……


    All by the jewish narrative.
    All in service to the jewish agenda.

  9. “Covid-22 could be even worse than what we are experiencing now.” …”

    We COULD be hit by an asteroid.

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