Secular Talk: Media Tanks Joe Biden’s Approval Rating

I completely agree.

We’re all sitting here watching it.

After one day of chaos at the Kabul airport, the withdrawal from Afghanistan is now going smoothly and might even be ahead of schedule. We should be out of Afghanistan by next week.

Meanwhile, the corporate media is full of wall to wall coverage of retired generals and former Navy Seals who work for defense contractors and FBI and CIA agents. They are trying to punish Joe Biden by gaslighting the public into believing the withdrawal from Afghanistan is a debacle.

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  1. This is what happened to Chamberlain. Lot of Conservatives in the commons were reservist officers on the take. Although it does raise the question of the financial interests of any officer class in any Western state.

  2. The media has way too much power to destroy, lie and corrupt just like Pravda had power in the Soviet Union.

  3. Here is a story about “Americans” stranded in Afghanistan when they went there this summer:

    The takeaway:

    ” . . . The trip was reportedly not sanctioned directly by the school, and was organized locally to enable students and their parents to visit relatives in Afghanistan. El Cajon in southern California has a large Middle East immigrant community.”

    Let them stay in Afghanistan, it’s where they belong.

  4. Biden’s approval rating could be plummeting due to the fact he’s about to flood America with yet more incompatible browns. You know……….your future rocket scientists and inventors!
    Why not just get out of Afghanistan………. without taking half of it with us! More activists, human rights lawyers and welfare recipients is exactly what we DON’T want.
    Again, the nose is granted his wish in gradually destroying us.

  5. The best way to win a war…… to just stay out of them and look after your OWN country, and make it better than everyone else’s.

    • Hitler did exactly that, but Anglo and French establishment elites along with their BFF international Jewish financiers couldn’t let Germany be.

  6. . “They ((the media)) are trying to punish Joe Biden by gaslighting the public into believing the withdrawal from Afghanistan is a debacle.”

    Sure, it is ruining Israel’s grand plan.

  7. I’d distance myself from saying how wonderful Joe’s withdrawal is, I suspect it’s going to be a blood bath. Whether Trump could have done better or not is moot, you had to get as many at risk people out while you still had the capability and Joe and his team failed. That said I noticed suddenly the previous Sunday that the media relegated the Afghanistan debacle to a quick 2 minutes 3 or 4 stories in on the news broadcast with hurricanes and forest fires being the main stories. And “Heat Indexes” of course, with the global warming propaganda you no longer get temperatures, you get “Wind Chill” and “Heat Indexes” instead because it sounds more sensational. They must have realized it’s damaging their brand and making America’s decline too obvious isn’t going to be good for their agenda. Have to let Generation Bastard keep partying until Xi, Putin, and the Mullahs show up with tanks on our shore and teach this rotten bastard commie generation the ultimate weapon on Darwinian Reality and the consequences of dereliction of duty to your ancestors and letting Elis Island take over your elites.

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