Politico: Fears Loom Over Afghanistan’s Internet

This is the funniest thing you will read today.


“As the Taliban tighten their grip over Afghanistan, the militant group is setting its sights on a new target for conquest: the internet and the digital infrastructure which, for the past two decades, has allowed many Afghans access to free information.

Now that Taliban officials are taking over the state services and agencies in Kabul, the country’s capital, it’s unclear how the new regime will go about controlling internet access, and whether it will hunt for political dissidents and crack down on freedom of speech and expression online.

The Taliban have long abandoned their initial objections to the internet as a whole. The Islamist group has adopted a tech-savvy social media strategy that it heavily relied on as the U.S. began withdrawing from the country. …

But running a sophisticated social media operation does not mean the Taliban has experience in drawing up a censorship regime. The new regime would have a hard time establishing China-style controls on online information, Chima said, but it can take more targeted actions like cutting internet access in strategic places or mandating internet service providers to impose limits on accessing parts of the internet — mimicking policies by other states in the Gulf, Iran, Myanmar and elsewhere. …”

In other words, the fear is that the Taliban could censor the internet like the ADL has done in this country. They might even block access to parts of it like Pornhub and OnlyFans.

Note: Facebook and YouTube are already censoring the Taliban.

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  1. Just to seize apon your opening sentence, it would be good if you could inject some end of week humour into your Friday content, Mr Wallace. A good laugh is a good way to end the working week via a funny story we can laugh at in total agreement, or a good cartoonist.
    We can still laugh occasionally, can’t we?
    Humour often helps us cope with a world that often angers, depresses or concerns us.
    Just a constructive suggestion.

  2. Yes it needs to control and censor the internet. Afghanistan must remain on a war footing for many years hence. To avoid cyber attacks by the U.S. (and possibly, Israel) on its public infrastructure, it must follow Russia’s example and develop a system independent of the world wide web. The people must be protected from pornography and Western “values.”

  3. The Taliban would be better off poasting dank memes all over Twitter and social media like they did with that “Yes Chad” and the three wojak girls. They’d win a lot of unironic public support among Right Wingers and edgy moderates in White countries. From their perspective, that’s a better way to fight the CIA-Mossad (((alliance))) and consolidate public support among the Afghan people, who hunger for their streets to be rid of the sexual criminals that the CIA emboldened.

    Russia figured this out sometime around 2013, which is why there was a mini Cold War for the next year – anyone remember the bullshit revolution in Ukraine and Syrian Gas Baby Part I? – and why the “intelligence agencies” manufactured the 2016 Russian interference hoax. The Jews and the Goy Yids don’t like it when people troll them. They are above criticism, you see. Its heresy to name them.

  4. Waiting for the Taliban to get their Instagram and TikTok accounts going – can’t wait for some pics and vids of Fag Drops and THOTs get patrolled.

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