Gov. Kristi Noem Slams Matt Walsh’s “Horrible Misogyny”

Matt Walsh has embraced our critique here.

Conservatives like Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota run on cultural war grievances in a cynical attempt to harvest votes from backlash politics. Once in power though, you will find that they are incapable of doing anything about these grievances because of their complex True Cons ideology. They are just exploiting social conservatives by giving lip service to their grievances. It’s a con.


“Governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem has hit out at conservative podcast host Matt Walsh over comments she believed showed “horrible misogyny” before telling him, “eyes up here.”

The Republican Governor hit out at Walsh in a Wednesday tweet after the Daily Wire host bemoaned her decision not to ban businesses from introducing COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Her position stands her in contrast to fellow Republican governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott, both of whom barred business from requiring proof of vaccination from customers, something which annoyed Walsh. …”

Kristi Noem did this with the “trans women” in women’s sports bill. She is doing it now with the vaccine mandates issue. The truth is that her actual position is total subservience to business interests. Matt Walsh is correct that she is just another corporate Republican with a pretty face.

This is the crux of the issue. What is the point of empowering Republican governors and majorities? What are they actually going to do to represent their voters? Why give them power to only watch them squander it because of their absurd ideology? They can’t do anything in this country about any cultural issue – censorship, “trans,” vaccine mandates, etc. – because of their True Cons philosophical opposition to “Big Government,” but the very same people are adamant that we must spend trillions of dollars and occupy Afghanistan forever to prop up their fake puppet government!

“Big Government” works in Afghanistan. We must stay there forever to bankroll a vast utopian social engineering project in order to protect liberal democracy and women’s rights. We have to fight them over there in order to resettle them as refugees over here!

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  1. The only woman who would dare use the term ‘misogyny’ with those testosterone arms, is probably a woman who doesn’t know her place…. Silent, and behind a man’s leadership.

    Bitch, step down.

      • If you’ve noticed, a lot of women in politics or media (same thing), are wearing those sun dresses to call attention to themselves. Has a very nonprofessional look, especially next to a man in a suit. If they lift the arm, you see the armpit. It’s not a good look at all. It’s amazing how people just follow these dumb trends.

      • Dittoes to those above, re Noem dressing like a peacock on display and then dishing up the slur word “misogyny” when criticized in her official role.

        There is old saying; if it ain’t for sale, don’t put it on display in the shop window!

  2. This cunt (misogynistic enough?) vetoed a trannies in high school stuff bill not long ago. She is on par with official Republican cocksucker Lindsey Graham. There is another one of these running in Alaska. I’m at the point where I have just stopped listening to women unless they are really exceptional. This cunt is not exceptional.

  3. There is no point to the Republican party.

    Vote for the lesser evil, vote Democrat. At least there is a greater than zero possibility that Democrats will do something good, e.g. based Biden exiting Afghanistan. There is 0% chance Republicans will ever do anything good.

    • Haven’t heard much lately of South Carolina’s former governor “Nikki” Nimrata Randhawa, who also has been mentioned among Presidential hopefuls.

    • She will be as conservative as the Coney Barrett appointee to the Supreme Court. “Conservative” now, means left of center.

  4. She is an excellent Republican. Say all the right things, hoover up the money from corporate scumbags then deliver for The Business Roundtable, whatever they want.

  5. It’s in the Noem, Con-servatives conserving support for gay marriage, and Israel. What about protecting the rights and the heritage of European Americans or saving our Southern heritage?

  6. Walsh has been getting more right wing on almost every issue. Won’t be long until Little Ben pushes the eject button.

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