General Jack Keane: Biden Blew Off “Conditions Based” Withdrawal

What is a “conditions based” withdrawal?

Lets ask this failed general who is the chair of the company that makes Humvees.

It is a rhetorical device for domestic political consumption that allows you to say to swing voters that you support “withdrawing” from Afghanistan and oppose “endless wars,” but if conditions change and you are reelected you don’t actually have to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. You can keep American troops forever at Bagram Air Force Base and the money spigot flowing to the Pentagon and defense contractors in the Beltway to keep Senate Republicans happy to vote against impeachment.

Note: H.R. McMaster and John Bolton were Donald Trump’s national security advisers. Both were committed to staying there forever.

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  1. I bet General Jack will opine along with his communist pals on MSNBC that the U.S. must, must I tell ya invade Ethiopia because it’s a human rights catastrophe that colored people are killing colored people en masse. One of their arguments will be that since the “defeat” in Afghanistan U.S. prestige must be restored. Apparently nothing restores U.S. prestige more than destroying some backward shithole, paying trillions to the MIC and local scumbags then abandoning the place in a hurry, devil take the hindmost.

    None of these scumbags want to mention a potential war against China over Taiwan, they only like smaller wars against backward nations where U.S. military forces cannot be defeated. A war against China over Taiwan is likely sometime in the future as China reunites with their stray province that separated from the mainland in 1949. The Nationalists, at least as corrupt as the Afghan warlords fled to Formosa with all the loot they could carry. A war against China is about as serious as one can get and would likely result in a real defeat like Singapore or Bataan, 1942.

    • “his communist pals”:

      You throw the term around wildly, as a pejorative label where it does not apply. The U.S. military brass is anything but communist.

      “The Nationalists, at least as corrupt as the Afghan warlords fled to Formosa with all the loot they could carry”:

      I call them anti-nationalists or non-nationalists, not Chinese nationalists. The Kuomintang/Chiang Kai Shek was during the Japanese occupation more concerned with killing Chinese people than resisting the Japanese invaders.

      Regarding Ethiopia: The U.S. has been “meddling” in that ancient Christian outpost land for decades. Before that, Britain and Italy were involved. One very successful undertaking of recent years is the mass “voluntary” sterilisation of Christian Ethiopian women, while Muslim Ethiopian women are NOT being sterilised.

      • “The U.S. military brass is anything but communist.”

        True, but I was not referring to the General, just the people on MSNBC who have gone full tilt Trotsky on anti-White racism, pay attention to detail. It’s a little bit ironic to say the least that there isn’t a millionth of an inch of daylight between a U.S. MIC General and the Trotskyists on MSNBC on the debacle of U.S. imperialism/nation building.

        ” . . . I call them anti-nationalists or non-nationalists, not Chinese nationalists.”

        Yes, but Chiang Kai-shek’s side in the Chinese civil war was known as in the West as “Nationalists” and that is still what is found in history books, for better or worse. Anti-nationalist may be the new name decreed by Peking but it will not affect the way Taiwan is referred to beyond China.

        I don’t like to speak for others, certainly not the host of this fine blog but it’s not going out on a limb to say the overwhelming opinion of people who comment here as well as Mr. Hunter is decisively tilting away from U.S. imperialism, including Ethiopia. If a binding vote were taken from the readers of OD there would be an overwhelming vote to withdraw the U.S. military from around the world. If you are looking for supporters of U.S. imperialism/nation building you have come to the wrong place.


        You are moving up in the world if you attracting the interest of Chinese Hasbara trolls.

  2. And Joe Biden responded:”Fuck off you filthy Irish Cockroach Keane…General Dingleberry Keane…hey I think that’s kind of funny…now go fuck Lindsay Graham in the ass…”

    Hey…I’m starting to like President Biden….in a limited sense…God Bless Joe Biden!!!

  3. Whoever in the Biden administration that decided to do the pullout of Afghanistan was right to not follow the small print on the agreement.

    Retired US military brass and intelligence spooks are truly enemies ordinary citizens. The work for the (((ruling class))).

  4. “You can keep American troops forever at Bagram Air Force Base and the money spigot flowing”:

    Yes the Empire would normally be expected to keep Bagram base for itself, just like it keeps Guantanamo in Cuba, and like the British empire kept Hong Kong and Gibraltar – and I could list many more examples. It is interesting that the U.S. appears to have withdrawn from every square foot of the land of the Afghans, but on the other hand, the U.S. is actively supporting an insurgency in the Panjshir Valley in northern Afghanistan, and ISIS and East Turkestan proxy armies throughout Afghanistan. Has it really withdrawn from Afghanistan? I say not.

    • The U.S. has not withdrawn from Afghanistan, true but the U.S. Government is reduced to fighting its wars without the big battalions from the Army/Marines and without an air force either. For all the Hollywood bullshit about “special forces” it’s ultimately the big battalions that do much of the fighting and occupying of territory. That’s why the Deep State wanted the big battalions and the Air force to stay, occupation duties are not the role of Special Forces troops.

  5. From 2016:

    “Now, what should have happened after 9/11—in a sane age, what would have happened—was not the war on terror but a mass deportation of Muslims from America. That’s what should have happened; and in a sane age, that’s what would have happened.

    “But we know that in our age that would never have been accepted by the public, because they’ve been molded to find such things reprehensible.

    “And therefore, it was doomed. The program was laid in, it had to run its course. The American public’s fate was sealed. The millennial generation’s fate was sealed, and nothing really could have been done to save it. It had to be like this, because it could go no other way. They would not have accepted the sane reaction, because that reaction is extreme and violates the tenets of our time: Equality, multiculturalism, and diversity.

    “And, indeed, those tenets, which helped to bring 9/11 about, have actually been reinforced by 9/11. This is exactly what I’m talking about when I say that the reaction to 9/11 has been further self-destruction and has also been acquiescence and surrender. We don’t believe in fewer Muslims in the workplace or in the society. We don’t believe in less diversity. We don’t believe in less multiculturalism or less stringent speech codes and so on. We believe in more—more, more, more of the same shit, the same cancer that brought 9/11 to our shores.

    “Now, obviously, it’s not just those things that brought 9/11 about and made it happen, but those things—the diversity, multiculturalism, and so on—are definitely the things that made us vulnerable to it and misdirected our response to it. What we’ve done is embrace them even more.

    “The main thing about 9/11 is the response to it, because the response is actually much more significant than the event itself.”

    — 9/11–Fifteen Years On

    Millennial Woes
    (Excerpt starts at 30:47)

  6. >Donald Trump passed on the chance to withdraw from Afghanistan on his own terms

    After Trump first criticized the withdrawal I asked in a comment on another site why Trump didn’t get out of Afghanistan the ‘right way’ during his *4 years* as president and commander-in-chief — of course just for asking this simple question I was downvoted by all the Trumptards and Trump sycophants, who are always ready to make excuses for that buffoon.

    Honestly I’m sick of hearing about Afghanistan and Afghans — I just don’t care.

  7. Take note at how the media always have a barrage of questions just after Biden covered pretty much everything. Yet when these warmongers are being ‘interviewed’, it’s softly, softly questioning. They should be cross examined and exposed for their shameless position, not made to look good. That’s what media SHOULD be doing. I’ve never seen a neocon tard face any tough questions……… EVER!

  8. This incompetent ‘journalist’ didn’t challenge Keane on anything he said. She merely provided him with a platform to waffle on with his nonsense.
    It’s embarrassing and shameful.

  9. Keane is also the guy behind transfering nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia via his IP3 International company. Oh and by the way, Iran already has nukes and these people the Irish generals and the politicians and the media have been lying to us about that too. This filth is trying to get us killed.

  10. The important point about Gen. Keane and his delusions is that he became second in command of the whole US Army. He, Austin, Milley, Gilday typify the incompetence, disloyalty, and corruption of our current Generals and Admirals.

    Perhaps the best symbol is that MG Donahue, commander 82nd AD, ordered the service dogs be left behind, even though there was room for them on the planes. It is this kind of callous indifference that makes our military dangerous to Americans, more so than to any Taliban, al-Qaeda, or ISIS.

    Is it necessary to point out that every one of those terrorist groups was at one time or another funded and supported by the CIA, even Osama bin Laden?

  11. General Jack Keane’s counterpart on MSNBC is General Barry McCaffrey. (Both are 4-star West Pointers.) They say basically the same stuff. (GWOT forever.) Last week McCaffrey was demanding “NATO” (Pentagon code for a 90% American ground force) go back into Afghanistan, “…with 30,000 men for 50 yrs.” And of course, both deny the military should do anything to stop the invasion across the Mexican border.

    Then there’s the Woke Clausewitz, Mark Milley (Princeton, not USMA).

    And hundreds more.

    Stalin would know what to do.


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