Axios: Trump National Security Adviser Briefs House GOP on Afghanistan

We’re all tired of hearing about Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the GOP has no intention of dropping the issue, which is becoming their new Benghazi. They intend to make their position of staying in Afghanistan forever a defining issue in the 2022 midterms. What’s more, the GOP is planning to double down on imperialism in order to strike a contrast with Joe Biden who condemned an era of nation building in his speech yesterday.


“Former Trump national security adviser Robert O’Brien spoke for over an hour with House Republicans on Tuesday, helping them develop their latest policy offensive on Afghanistan, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: O’Brien has increasingly been working with Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to help House Republicans in their effort to regain the majority in 2022. …

What we’re hearing: During the call, O’Brien walked members through a series of policy proposals focused on “rebuilding American credibility,” one source with direct knowledge of the call told Axios. …

He said “the perception of weakness is very provocative,” and warned that countries like China and Russia will seek to exploit the region following the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

One proposal he backed includes immediately sending 250 M1 Abrams tanks to Poland to bolster its defense capabilities on Europe’s eastern front with Russia, as the Poles wait for previously purchased U.S. tanks to arrive. …”

So, this is where we going.

For whatever reason, Joe Biden made the right call to end the war in Afghanistan. The stupid, reactionary, knee jerk logic of oppositism requires the GOP to take the opposite position of whatever Joe Biden does which is that we ought to have stayed in Afghanistan to own the libs. As a result of this retarded mindset, House Republicans now believe that we have to defend the “credibility” of the American Empire by getting more aggressive in other regions and doing things like sending a bunch of tanks to Poland.

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  1. Your right, retards is right. the GOP has been offered a gift few parties ever get, and STILL they don’t get it. What do you do with such stupid people? Never,never,never, ever, do they learn anything.

  2. When someone says:”support the troops!!!….”Thankyou for your service”….What they really mean is:”‘go die in Afghanistan loser while I play fantasy football…no fuck off and go away…”

  3. Pattern recognition is a part of intelligence. O’Brien……McCarthy……Keane….they all share something in common.

    Who do they serve? Christ or his enemies?

    • Filthy fucking Irish Cockroach grifters….not even Juden…and I write this as someone who has a great grandmother with an Irish surname…same surname as Comrade Brad…

    • @Robert,
      I’m kind of sensing that the Irish are your Jews. You really don’t like them do you? They are another segment of the Celts in ancient times. Different religion, politics, etc…………but not a different race to other Europeans.
      Bear in mind that the Clintons and Bushes aren’t Irish…….and nor is Trump.
      You and Krafty would certainly get along.

  4. When the left side of politicics does more that you agree with than the right, you come to realize nobody in politicics is truly ‘Right’ anymore. In two weeks, I’ve not heard a RepubliCON say a single thing I agree with.
    Democracy in name only.

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