The Iraq War is only the final straw in a long train of indignities that we have suffered at the hands of the conservative movement. What exactly is conservatism? Have conservatives preserved any aspect of our Anglo-American cultural heritage? It sure looks to me like conservatives demonize and reject WASP racial and ethnic consciousness in favor of the radical individualism and consumer culture that is the status quo. White Nationalism is an indentitarian movement and must eventually evolve and take its proper place on the Left in the Democratic Party.

Obama’s campaign is more communitarian than John McCain’s in the sense that his energy policy has the potential to emancipate all races from slavery to capitalism. With infinite renewable green energy (money that grows out of the ground like sugar cane and switchgrass), Anglo-Americans would finally have the time off from work (and the necessary wealth) to rehabilitate their cultural heritage. So would other races. Everyone would benefit. That would be some progress in the republican tradition.

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