Gottfried on Wallace

Paul Gottfried writes:

The presidential bid of George Wallace, who had been an ardent segregationist in Alabama, did not resonate particularly well among movement conservatives. Those conservative journals to which I then subscribed viewed Wallace as a New Deal liberal, albeit one who had decided to”use the race issue.” The late Frank Meyer railed repeatedly against the “non-conservatism” of this Alabama governor and his populist followers.

A populist revival and political realignment in the Black Belt is long overdue. The economic misfortunes of the Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers here cuts across racial lines. All I hear are stories of neighbors and friends of mine losing their homes and working dead end jobs with dim future prospects. The Bush Depression set in years ago and continues to worsen by the day with higher gasoline prices, food inflation and home foreclosures. John McCain offers us nothing but more war, more offshoring, more disruptive immigration, more indirect taxation in the form of inflation and more speculators causing havoc with crude oil futures.

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