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  1. Glad I found your new site. Next time give a brotha a heads up. A fresh start was probably a good idea. Now stick with this and be consistent. Give your new site some time to grow. You have a unique perspective that needs to be heard.

    BTW, it appears you have a little fan club from your Lyceum days over at stumbleinn.net. 🙂

  2. And I know you read Roubini sometimes too: http://www.rgemonitor.com/blog/roubini/252803/

    If this American/Israeli attack actually occurs against Iran I believe that some of the most disturbing economic, political, and social turmoil ever seen will likely follow in many parts of the world; it’ll be brought on by huge spikes in energy prices as you’ve discussed here on your blog many times before.

  3. Amongst other things, that crowd helped convince me that consumer capitalism is the real problem, not other races, and that the White Nationalist movement has gone nowhere because it is too singularly focused on quarreling with other ethnicities.

  4. I agree. The sickening culture of mass-consumer-capitalism that currently premdominates in The West is a huge problem that needs to be urgently dealt with. And who do I think are among the major promoters, apologists, and masterminds of and for this culture? [ hint — http://zsidozas.wordpress.com/ ]

    And yes, as you say other races or ethnic groups are definitely not the one and only problem as so many of the crass racists like to claim. However, race/ethnicity is indeed a HUGE money-wrench or wild-card that further compounds the complications of multi-ethnic societies; therefore, race/ethnicity needs to be honestly and openly studied, examined, and commented on because of that. And as I’ve told you before, I’m not a racist or a ‘White Nationalist,’ but simply a White/European American which believes in the importance and reality of race/ethnicity and how it has shaped, is shaping, and will shape the sociological, economic, historical, and political foundations which we have built our cultures upon.

  5. Thank you, I consider that an honor.

    I hope to start blogging again soon, whenever I can figure out the time to do it. Right now I just spend most of my time commenting on other people’s blogs, but hopefully that’ll change somewhat soon.

    I’d like to have the ‘Zsidozas’ blog which deals exclusively with Jewish issues and how they have shaped The West, and also another blog which will have a wider focus on Western issues.

    And this is just to say: the quality and excellence of your blog has helped to inspire me to take blogging seriously as a forum for the free-flow of ideas and to appreciate the genuine cultural/intellectual ferment which is currently taking place on blogs such as yours. Again, I urge you to keep up the good writing and research!

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