More Zmirak

This is amusing:

My point is that it’s counterproductive to use such arguments– that it has socially toxic side effects, and WILL NOT WORK. Instead, I offer arguments against the same government policies that are less divisive, and have (I argue) a better chance of working.

Racialism is neutral on the subject of “big government.” It is a kin based worldview concerned primarily with the welfare of future generations, not the quixotic classical liberal campaign against the state. As Zmirak himself has noted, “conservatism” is based on adherence to abstract principles, not blood, soil, and culture; a major difference of opinion exists here.

Which is presumably what you want if you actually care about the Common Good.

After calling for the dismantling of “secular” public schools (education being the primary ladder of income mobility in the United States), Zmirak laughably tries to present himself as a communitarian. The common good is best served by illuminating the true causes of racial (and intraracial) differences in academic achievement, through open debate, whatever the consequences, not by throwing away billions of dollars at a seemingly insoluble problem.

If all someone really wants is to strut about and show how “brave” he is for flouting social conventions… as a conservative I have no interest in that.

Bravery is a virtue. Honesty is another one. The conservative movement is more characterized by the vice of cowardice than any other personal quality.

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