Racialists Absorbing Paleos

John Zmirak fears a racialist takeover of the paleoconservative movement. There is probably something to this. Anyone can see the progressive racialization of the commentariat at TakiMag and Chronicles. In the Long Emergency, the one thing we are going to have in abundance is racial tension.

The suburban living arrangement will fail as gas prices soar into the clouds. Previously separated populations will be forced to live in closer proximity to each other. Inflation and unemployment will destroy the American middle class who will lose their life savings invested in Wall Street. As in the Depression, immigration will become extremely controversial again in a time of scarcity.

We’re not prepared as a nation for the successive catastrophes which are about to engulf us. The typical American will not believe this is happening. Someone, most likely Congress and our elites, will be blamed for it. I doubt this will propel paleos into power, but I would not be surprised if a White Nationalist or two is elected in the background of localized racial conflict.

Update: The IEA is starting to embrace Peak Oil.

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