White Man’s State

An excerpt about the Bourbon Restoration in Alabama following Reconstruction:

Following a campaign for ratification, the people voted. The Democrats gave formal recognition to the tenets of Bourbonism: retrenchment, reform, and white dominance. On November 16, 1875, the voters ratified the constitution by a vote of 85,662 to 29,217. The Democrats were triumphant. The Republicans almost immediately indulged in suicidal moves of further party destruction. No one doubted – certainly not blacks – that Alabama was a white man’s state.

William Warren Rogers, Robert David Ward, Leah Rawls Atkins, Wayne Flint, Alabama: The History of a Deep South State (Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press, 1994), 268

This is in response to an ignorant comment at Taki’s:

“It just doesn’t make sense to cobble together Cajuns, “Scotch-Irish”, WASPs, Jews, Italians, Poles, Slovaks, Irish, Germans, etc. into one “White Nation” of America.”

At least in Alabama, the above were cobbled together for centuries into a common ethny, “the white race.”

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  1. I’ve read your recent posts about White/European ethnostates and they had me thinking a lot about these issues. So, a favor: I’m wondering if you’d like to make a piece I’ve composed (below) in to a post here on your blog so that it might reach a wider audience?

    Many Whites/Europeans need to realize that race/ethnicity must ALWAYS trump politics and religion, as there is simply too much petty political and religious bickering sloshing about among modern-day Whites/Europeans and this is extraordinarily divisive on both the micro and macro levels.

    Race/ethnicity is literally in our blood and is so incredibly basic and primordial (biological), while political and religious systems/theories are a dime a dozen and are (by comparison) a fairly recent development in human history. In other words, race/ethnicity is very deep while political and religious beliefs are (by comparison) extremely shallow.

    In the past, under which humans evolved from a biological and anthropological/evolutionary standpoint, there was only one ‘political party’ since the ‘state’ or ‘nation’ as we have come to know it had not yet come in to being — the only ‘political party’ during the vast bulk of human history was that of blood ties and kin-groups, links formed by a common ancestry, and the ethnically/racially based tribe or clan. Religion is perhaps more complicated because religious systems seem to have pre-dated political systems, though it seems that religious systems were/are often precursors or forerunners of political systems in many cultures.

    An anology: if you build a house it needs a good, solid foundation first and foremost if it is to be a strong and sturdy structure. White nationalists believe that Whites/Europeans should define this foundation as a strong sense of ethnic/racial consciousness and group cohesion amongst Whites/Europeans (a kind-of ‘White/European univeralism’), and I agree. In order for the White nationalist movement to be successful, Whites/Europeans should realize that we need to all live within the same house, all of us living upon this strong foundation in order to protect our basic ethnic/racial genetic interests — we should also realize that it’s tolerable if we inhabit separate rooms (i.e., hold differing cultural, religious, or political viewpoints) as long as we all still live in the same house and continue working together at the basic ethnic/racial level. This is why ‘ethnic/racial nationalism’ and the concept of the ‘ethnostate’ is so important but has largely been forgotten or ignored by Whites/Europeans in the post-WWII era (much to our detriment).

    First and foremost, people of White/European descent need to use race/ethnicity as THE major focal/rallying point (the racial/ethnic foundation; i.e., we all live under the same roof), and only after we are united as a cohesive racial/ethnic macro-community can we then amicably and peacefully splinter in to many cultural, political, and/or religious micro-communities (i.e., inhabit separate rooms within the same overall structure).

    Taken in totality, Whites/Europeans are conservatives and liberals, reds and greens and blues and browns, anarchists and fascists, etc. We are Christians and Neopagans, Deists and Taoists, agnostics and atheists, or whatever else we wish to religiously profess. Some are capitalists while others are socialists, and many are a little bit of both. As the Western tradition has shown us, having differing opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints (along with engaging in constructive criticism) is perfectly healthy and natural because there is always room for social, economic, religious, and political improvement in any society or culture.

    Let Whites/Europeans splinter by cultural, political, and/or religious beliefs/affiliation only AFTER they have first been united by their basic ethnic/racial ties, united above all of the political and religious bickering by their common White/European heritage. This is the key to a successful White nationalist movement.

    – Zsidozas

  2. Thank you for the opportunity.

    How and where do I sign up?

    On this blog I kind-of want to use another name/handle in order to avoid limiting myself to only talking and writing about the influence of Jews in Western societies (because I’m not just a one-issue researcher and writer). As I told you before, I’d like to develop my Zsidozas WordPress blog focused solely on the Jewish Question, and write about general Occidental issues under another name.

    And if you want you can go ahead and delete the above post since it’s already been substantially revised, hopefully for the better.

  3. I do not see the “Register” option, only the “Log in” one. I tried though and it wouldn’t let me though using the old username and p-word.

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