American Energy Policy, Asleep at the Spigot

A long piece in the New York Times about American energy policy.

The speed at which gas prices are climbing is forcing a seismic change in long-held American habits, from car-buying to commuting. Last week, Ford Motor reported that S.U.V. sales were down 55 percent from a year ago, while demand for its full-size F-series pickup, a gas guzzler that was the country’s best-selling vehicle for 26 consecutive years, is off 40 percent.

It will only get worse. Sooner or later, single use zoning will fold and Americans will be forced to live in closer proximity to the “diversity” we have been importing into our nation over the past fifty years. Imagine that happening in the context of mass unemployment and the ruination of suburbia. It is a recipe for localized racial strife.

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