Larry Auster continues to rail away in obscurity at the degenerate, unresponsive conservative movement. He is obviously someone who has invested decades of his time in that cause. I want to get away from that here. I’m going to run the new Occidental Dissent site on several key assumptions:

1.) The conservative movement has been neutered, is no longer vehicle for the advancement of our concerns, and is generally a waste of our time and energy. We’re not trying to defend the legitimacy of the status quo anyway.

2.) The White Nationalist movement is marginalized and will remain in disarray for the forseeable future.

3.) The American public is too deadened and distracted by consumerism and discourse poisoning (in the media, public schools, and universities) to respond to our appeals.

4.) Whenever meaningful change in our political system does come, it will be brought by underlying shifts in material reality such as global aging or the present oil and gas crisis in North America which our elites will be unable to handle. Revolutionary change (most likely at the local level) will only become possible once the tools of population control (cheap gas, cheap food, cheap infotainment, happy suburban living) start to break down and the public experiences real hardship.

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  1. I came to the end of the conservative road last February, and wrote about it here:-

    In the thread to that post you wrote:-

    “I have slouched into a generic authoritarianism out of pragmatism. Dictators take over when democracies fail. It’s not my ideal, but we don’t live in normal times. A strong hand will be needed to clean up this mess.”

    Sounds a bit close to Yockeyism. But I’ll look for light anywhere, and try and capture it, and bring into my house.

    Good to see you back. Keep in touch.

  2. Ditto GW comments! Very good to see you “back”, and hoping to see you deep and often over at MR as well as “here”. I’ve noted to you before that your mentions of “discourse poisoning” have led myself, and hopefully others, into new and interesting territory. Just now I’m reading The Discourse on Language and the Archaeology of Knowledge. Thanks to you, sigh….

    For what it’s worth, I encourage MORE public thinking on this topic of the “discourse” and its “poisoning”. There’s key stuff in there. But that’s no news to Proze I’m sure!

    Take care!

  3. 4.) “Whenever meaningful change in our political system does come, it will be brought by underlying shifts in material reality such as global aging or the present oil”

    I cannot see how our present living arrangement can survive PO, in fact it’s a no brainer. (As Kunstler would say) The kaleidoscope will be shaken and new patterns will emerge, our elites are bound to get caught up in it all and lose control. Even they cannot control what’s coming, which I estimate to be within 5-10 years max. (more like 3-5)

    Mass immigration will be thrown into reverse, (what’s to keep them here? (West) They will return to their roots. What phoenix will arise afterwards is anybody’s guess, one thing’s for sure, it will bear little resemblance to what we have now.

    I’m amazed that there is so little comment on PO among the racial crowd, why do they disregard what to me, is obvious? – it’s all over. Globalisation, Race Replacement, is just not going to happen.

    Am I being too optimistic here?

    Nice to see your back, take it easy this time.

  4. 6 Prozium. “There is a tendency in racialist circles to buy into the Big Oil conspiracy theory.”

    I can understand that, but it stands to reason that we cannot keep extracting 85million barrels of oil a day for evermore. I read somewhere that there are 800 million cars in circulation at present and China will add a further 200 million within a decade (something of that order) BTW, I understand a days world oil production equals a volume of one cubic mile. That’s one big hole.

  5. Back in the ’70’s and early ’80’s, when motoring down to our vacation spot during the holiday perod, there would be an endless river of traffic in both directions. I would idly picture in my mind some giant hand picking up each vehicle one at a time and emptying their gas tanks into some huge container (yes I’m crazy too)

    I wondered how big that container would have be, for I had no idea except it would have to be huge. It also occurred to me (even then) that this was madness, and asked myself how much longer could this continue before we started to run out? (of oil)

    Many, years later, I asked the question, (Kunstler’s blog actually) I said I couldn’t get a handle on what 80 million barrels of oil looked like, what could I relate it to? For example, how much volume would it be?

    AS quick as a flash, the answer came back, one cubic mile. Funny how I remember such things, especially as we are now approaching that very moment.

  6. The prospects for white nationalism are better in Europe than here in America. However, in Europe it will probably take the form of ethnic nationalism as opposed to white nationalism. Many European nations already have viable nationalist parties, and there is a lot of resentment building up under the surface over there. If ethnic nationalism is successful in Europe, it will improve our chances over here.

  7. Anon, at a depth of 1/10th of a mile and 100 years, that works out to an area of 365,000 square miles, ie about the size of Egypt, or 0.2% of the Earth’s land area. Seen from this perspective, your point about one cubic mile being “one big hole” loses its impact.

    You also ask:

    Am I being too optimistic here?

    A bit too.

    – Racist, Humanist, Existentialist.

  8. 11 RHE. …”your point about one cubic mile being “one big hole” loses its impact.”

    Thanks for that. Let’s try a crater 365,000 sq. Miles X 5000ft. deep, would be quite a tourist attraction.

    Any similar thoughts on coal, iron ore – over 200 years?

    In your more relaxed moments take a look at this guy, of course you may have done so already.

  9. “Crude is back up $5+ today (over $140 again). That was fast.”

    I know, the markets are incredibly unstable right now.

    So many wild swings up and down, this way and that, not only in the oil markets and other commodities but also the equity markets plus just about everything else.

    No one even knows where the markets will be sitting next week, much less around Christmas and in to next year. I think many feel we are on the cusp of something BIG happening, though.

    There’s only one word to describe all of this I think, and that word is HEBREWNOMICS.

  10. I have been reading a new book titled “Willis Carto and the American Far Right” by sociologist Gerorge Michael.

    Carto has been a Racialist Activist for about 60 YEARS now.

    In the final chapter he states that he has come to the same conclusion (after 60 years of Organizing with the Liberty Lobby) regarding Revolutionary Change. The economy is going to have to collapse before anything else will be possible.

    (Carto then goes on to state that a charasmatic leader will have to emerge, basicly he is describing the two ingredients in the formula that worked in the past to allow Hitler to rise to power during the degenerate Weimar period. )

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