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  1. Last month here in Canada there was a pretty good news program on the CBC about peak oil called ‘Running on Empty’. It included a segment with Jim Kunstler as well.

    As far as gas prices go, here in British Columbia gas prices have gone to big time, most gas is selling at $1.50 per liter. Thats about $5.85 a gallon. Rural people, of course, have been hit the hardest.

  2. Hey Taurine — you are extremely lucky to live up there in British Columbia. I’ve done a lot of research and that corner of the world seems like one of the best I’ve come across so far (parts of it, at least). How long have you lived there?

    I’d eventually like to make my way up there and live for a while, if not permanently. Not in Vancouver or any other large city there, but out in the countryside or in a small or medium-sized town where I could live relatively self-sufficiently (with the help of my local community, of course).

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