Monroe’s Racial Views

Another excerpt from Howe’s What Hath God Wrought:

But in his enthusiasm for American institutions, the incoming president got carried away. “And if we look to the condition of individuals what a proud spectacle does it exhibit! On whom has oppression fallen in any quarter of the Union? Who has been deprived of any right of person or property?” Monroe took it for granted that the answer to these rhetorical questions was negative. If someone had responded by pointing to 1.5 million persons held in chattel slavery, or to white women firmly deprived of rights of person and property, or to expropriated Native Americans, the president would have been startled, then irritated by the irrelevancy. To him and most of those in his audience, such people did not count. (p.92)

The Founders took for granted the idea that the United States was a “white man’s country.” It was not specifically legislated into the Constitution because it was uncontested at the time.

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  1. On AmRen I just left a comment in an article about reverse White-flight [ ] that I thought you mnight be interested in reading since it deals with neo-agrarianism (like you and I have discussed here before) and echoes many of the ideals which the Founding Fathers had in mind when they founded the USA.

    Whites moving back in to cities is in my opinion a major mistake. People in cities generally have smaller families and this trend can only contribute to the already accelerating White population decrease.

    My view is that White Americans need to avoid the cities and head back out to the ethnically homogeneous countryside and massively repopulate it with huge White families. We need to rebuild and repopulate all of the small and medium-sized towns, villages, and rural areas and relearn the host of necessary skills needed to be a successful and cohesive ethnic group just as we used to be before the post-WWII rise of suburbia and America’s mega-cities.

    We need to rebuild an extensive, tight-knit network of linked small towns/villages and rural areas across America and Canada where we can all work together toward common goals for the good of our people, just as it used to be in pre-WWII America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other Western countries. Additionally, modern technology like the internet can only improve communication, cooperation, and networking opportunities.

    If case you haven’t noticed this already, let me spell it out clearly: people in cities are utter slaves to The System more than anyone else because they are so dependent on it for nearly all of their needs. Nearly all necessities are imported in to cities from the countryside, and city-dwellers are basically helpless because they depend on The System for even the most basic things like water/food, shelter, electricity, etc. Most life-long city-dwellers are often helplessly dependent types — they are generally clueless, mollycoddled, lazy, decadent, and prone to mass-hysteria and violence should a crisis or series of crises break out since they no longer know any basic survival skills (and again, there really is no true independence or control of your own destiny in cities because nearly everything is imported in to them).

    Out in the countryside though you and your family/group/community are largely responsible for your own destiny. As long as you have the skills and determination, along with a strong community network, you and your family/community can become much less dependent on The System for all of your needs, i.e. you are more able to control how you want to live your life. It is clear that people in cities are generally dependent CONSUMERS (importers) while people in the countryside are generally self/communally-reliant PRODUCERS (exporters) — which do you prefer to be?

    Out in the countryside (it’s already overwhelmingly White-owned, by the way) we can enjoy the beauty of nature and be good stewards of the land (in cities, however, it’s all terrible gray concrete and ugly steel); we can avoid pollution, crime, dependence, ethnic/racial ‘diversity,’ and the other pitfalls of urban living; we can rebuild our own schools and other cultural institutions and avoid being indoctrinated and controlled by an overwhelming central government which is run by one-world internationalists, open-borders types, and greedy free-traders; we can set up our own independent media systems, non-corrupt local governments, and strong regional economies; and we can become more self and communally sufficient by relearning critical skills like agriculture, water and soil management, construction, carpentry/forestry, animal husbandry, hunting/foraging, and many other indispensable trades, skills, and occupations which are necessary for long-term survival and cultural continuity but have since been lost as Whites have been herded in to cities and suburbs in the past few decades.

  2. YES!. Oh, GOD, yes!

    Free, White, Christian, Englishman was all the world to the Founding Fathers; as it should be to their seed after them.

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